Light House


I find the ‘Light House’ to be a versatile metaphor.  Today,  I feel able to share a personal anecdote about how it’s symbolism grew in significance for me.

Six years ago, I was consoling my sister.

Sameer had just passed away and the amazing and loving person that he was, he left many of us grappling with questions about life and death.  He had been diagnosed with chronic renal failure at a relatively young age.  Surviving the first episode with his brave and philosophical attitude, after a highly difficult couple of years, he recovered well enough to live a ‘normal’  life for some years.  However, at the age of 35, the relapse took him to death’s door several times.  After nearly four years on dialysis, he finally opted for freedom from his ailing body on Teacher’s Day – September 5th.

An appropriate death anniversary date, if there is such a thing.  Because throughout the eleven years that I knew him, Sameer was one of the most amazing masters I have ever known.  He taught by demonstration.  He lived to love and loved to live.

So that night, I sat with my sister, trying to share with her, whatever we had learned of life.  ‘To make sense of any of this, you have to look at the larger picture’ –  I tried telling her.  ‘While it was a challenging life and an apparently unfair, early end to the life of someone who deserved to live for so many reasons, Divine Order prevails.  On his soul journey, and ours – those of us who are irreversibly influenced by all of this, his life and death served to help us all grow.  It’s a part of our soul journeys.  This was just one lifetime…  the soul is eternal.’   I continued in this vein, but I was not able to reach her.

She was disconsolately changing channels on the television, which was on mute.  Trying not to hear me.  She didn’t want to agree with any of this.  The emotions were still raw and recent.

Perhaps to make me keep quiet, she gave volume to the show she had stopped at.  It was a documentary about a light house.  The caretaker – an elderly gentleman, was showing a group of young children how the lighthouse functioned.  The commentary had an eerie similarity to what I had been saying.  How the light looked out for the many sailors around and it was the joint responsibility of the caretaker and the sailors to keep the area safe and navigable.  The caretaker by keeping the light functioning and the sailors by looking out for it.

My sister and I looked at each other and wondered at what was to come.  By this time, we had already had several inexplicable ‘co-incidences’ happening around us in our lives.

The caretaker then began to emphasize how important it was for him to maintain the cleanliness of the reflectors and the light.  That it was imperative to constantly shine and polish this ‘inside’ equipment, so that the light would always beam cleanly and strongly into the outer world.   On dark and stormy nights, the sailors panic and cannot see the rocks.  And then he said this unforgettable line – ‘When the night is darkest, the light shines the brightest.’

At that moment, the lights went out.

There was a huge explosion-like sound and the lights went out for as far as we could see from my apartment.  We both sat in stunned silence, the last words replaying in our head.  After about five minutes, my sister softly said that it sounded like an area transformer had blown, so electricity wouldn’t be back for several hours at least.

For some strange reason, I knew that was not true.  I confidently asserted, the lights will be back right away – and with my sense of ironical humor,  I repeated the show’s line aloud for dramatic effect.

What followed was one of those weird, inexplicable things that have now become routine for me.   As soon as I finished my sentence, the lights came flooding back.

The television came on with loud sound, and the program was still on.  Now here is the incredible part – the show had not gone on.  It had rewound.  God knows from which part of the world that channel was being telecast, it certainly was not in my vicinity.    And these were the days before ‘replay’ and recorded television.  But instead of the show having moved on – it had gone back to the caretaker explaining how important it was to keep the inside equipment clean.  And the dramatic line played again – and believe it or not – the lights went out again.  This time I did not expect them to come back for a while.

My sister and I sat discussing and assimilating the implications of this ‘message’ for us in the moment.  Electricity did return, but after a couple of hours.

I have no way to explain any of this.

But I do believe that the universe is always talking to us, and somehow – this whole episode helped me to reinforce my learnings up to that point.

Death is an unarguable inevitability.  And there will  be questions and emotions when a loved one moves on.  However, those who stay behind – can celebrate the life lived.  Through greater love,  deeper understanding in their own lives.  After all, all growth comes through challenges.

As far as I can tell – the outer world is only a reflection of our inner world.

Do the inner housekeeping and let your light shine out brightly.

As dark as the night may seem, light will always dispel the darkness.  Keep your sights towards the light house within.

It took a while, moving from resignation to consolation to acceptance – but I have come to believe that Divine Order does prevail.

Photo Sourced under Creative Commons

28 thoughts on “Light House

  1. I was the chosen one. I am very grateful to Sameer and Sangeeta to help me on my path of enlightenment. We share a lot of experiences which have many times endorsed that we are on the right path. It has been a difficult but fruitful journey for all concerned but when I see the amount of people who have benifited I know that it was worth it. I am in debt to them, I have come a long way . May Sameer and Sangeeta always be happy. May God Bless them.

  2. Dearest Sangeeta,
    As always, beautifully expressed and touched my soul. I feel privileged to have shared a small part of yours and Sameer’s lives. It continues to enrich my own journey till the present. God bless you and may your light shine brighter and brighter for eternity.
    With all my love & prayers.

  3. Cheers to Sameer to have lived and loved…..and to Sangeeta for keeping the fire of love and learning. A loving tribute to Sameer who I never met but have known forever..and kudos to Sangeeta for being the lighthouse to many, guiding and showing the way to sailors on a stormy night. Love u both…

  4. Fascinating.. How the ordinary can be so miraculous and the miraculous is truly ordinary..
    Sameer must be winking from the heavens as he sees us enjoying this divine play.
    The cosmic comic…
    Maybe we should call it comic consciousness 😉
    And like Aamir say in 3 idiots, Aalizwell..

  5. Jai Guru Dev to You Sangeeta, Sameer and Anita. Say HI to Sameer. Thanks for the Blog. I do require a regular dose of Gyan from you to help me go Emotionally Free through the daily routines. Looking forward to your blog postings. lots of Love.

  6. Very well expressed since it has come straight from the heart and with spontaneity. Please keep up your efforts it will inspire life, reason to live … and to love life to many who need it the most. Autumn always turns into spring. Seeing the larger picture which sometimes we cant see with our myopic awareness is always very challenging….but for the lucky few in touch with source they can see it almost instantly. Best Wishes.

  7. Dear Sangeeta,
    Thanks for sharing this. This is quite a strange way for the universe to talk to you and anita, but knowing it comes from you, it is so believable. Thanks for sharing your light with the world.

    In deep gratitude for the musings and the sharings…
    “May all beings be happy”
    “Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu”

  8. Thanks Neela, Deepa and Sheetal!
    @Neela… always there for you all… just as you are all there for me 🙂

    @Deepa… yes – seeing the larger picture is so important… to get a different perspective.

    @Sheetal… thank you for believing in me. So grateful for your presence in my life and your constant loving support.

    much love and light to you all!

  9. The self- and all-aware Universe! And how It is always kind and always in a dialogue with us, telling us quite clearly ‘I AM HERE NOW. YOU ARE NOT ALONE’. And blessed are those who can understand Its communication as It is not always so obvious. Every once in a while, I believe It likes to remind us It has a great sense of humour and is enjoying every bit of Its ‘hide and seek’ Lila.
    Thanks so much for this Sangeeta. It made me suddenly look across at Vijay (my husband), who I too could have lost (to cancer), and realise how precious he is and how lucky we are to have him here. Somehow, we get so caught up in the mundane that we forget how PRECIOUS life is…we ALL are.

    1. Thank you Nilima! It is wonderful to now how so many of us who understand this dialogue 🙂 This ever expanding circle of like minded souls is a source of much goodness. Grateful to be connected.

      Sincerely glad for you and Vijay.

      I admire the way you two have also converted your experience into an opportunity for not only your own growth, but also for the benefit of many others. I am sure your forthcoming book on cancer will touch many lives in a positive and profound way.

      All my good wishes, prayers and blessings!


  10. Dear Sangeeta,

    It’s been a long time that we interacted. Even today i have the feel of your serene look and that deep feeling you have for anyone you look at. I still remember when i first saw you and it was almost magnetic, the way you looked at me and i said to myself, she is my kind of soul ! That day and this moment i still have the same feeling. The universe will see to it that we meet for a meaningful cause. What you have shared is so beautiful that i feel Sameer is also reading it and adding to episode. He is alive more now within you and amongst all whom you share with. He is blessed by the Almighty. Hope to see you soon………..

    Love always,

  11. Dearest Sangeeta,
    Your post gave me goosebumps! Loved every bit and I so agree, the body is a mere physical vehicle , the soul lives on. Those who we have loved and lost, look upon us always..
    Thank you for this touching post. It reinforced my belief.
    Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu , is how we say it.. 🙂
    (May all the beings of all the worlds be happy)

    Much love and Light,

  12. Dear Sangeeta,

    I was just going through a few blogs and came across this. i just loved this article .. i realised its finished only when i saw the full stop and wished there was more. Very inspiring indeed!! Though i dnt know you personally but throughthis you have spread a very big message.



  13. My dear Sangeeta the story of the ‘Lighthouse’ was truly enlightening. I too have lost a dear brother and this sort of sparked off many dark areas in my life with God’s brilliance. Thanks for sharing openly a personal side of your family life. God bless you with more love & light. Mercia.

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