Greener Pastures

First Published on Facebook on Monday, June 22, 2009 at 12:36pm

Have you noticed how frequently

We have more than one chat service open

How often a call is put on hold

To check who is on the other line

And the new conversation is explored

While the other waits patiently for your time

How text messages continue back and forth

Even though we are committed to the meeting at hand

Silent, vibrating devices exchange

The promise of a ‘better land’

Somehow it is impossible

To switch off the internet

As there are all those sites to browse

Those million mails to check

Urgent responses to send out

Who knows what better opportunities await

Which we may otherwise lose out

So keep open, these information floodgates

This is the modern way to be, no doubt

But are we really being efficient

Multitasking, doing so much all at once

Or simply growing habituated to distraction

Looking for the better one

The better chat, the better call, the better interaction

A constant anxiety fuelling the search

‘Have I really made the best of my time?’

‘Left absolutely nothing undone?’

‘Is everything really fine?’

And before you know it

This thinking is now so part of your system

That it shows up in your workplace, at home,

In all your relations.

This constant dissatisfaction

And search for greener grass

To find the best, in the future,

Or perhaps even the past

All the while

Perfection goes unnoticed

In the present moment

While we keep looking for happiness that will last

So we end up

Doing more than being

Mailing more than relating

Hearing more than listening

Viewing more than seeing

Thinking more than feeling

Lost more than found

Confusion abounds!


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