Stepping Out of the Cage (With an EFT script)

I have seen that a growing number of people are now weary of playing the role of ‘a victim’.  There are many who are willing, able and committed to shifting their perspective to an empowered, evolved approach.  They now wish to reclaim their own power and wholeness.

The ‘blame game’ does nothing but make you feel powerless and sorry for your self.  While it does allow you to label another as the perpetrator/tormentor, it only keeps you trapped in the victim’s role.  If you want to end this story of suffering, you have to be willing to let go of being the victim.  You have to be willing to stop blaming the other.  If you can liberate one from the role – you automatically free the other as well.

For many, this awareness and understanding is in itself liberating, and has enabled them to take giant strides in the expression of their authentic selves.  By default –  at heart – we are all whole, complete, peaceful and joyful.  But as we get entrapped in the stories we have woven into our lives, it is sometimes necessary to take the support of tools like EFT to clear the cobwebs that still tie us down.  EFT can efficiently clear stubborn images, cellular memories, limiting beliefs and energetic disruptions that make our freedom seem challenging, if not completely impossible.

I recently wrote a script for a client that addresses the issue of stepping out of the role of a victim.  Sharing this EFT script here so that more people can benefit.   Do try it out and share your feedback.

The following assumes that you are familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques.   You can refer to the one pager to get started and if you find it useful, you can always find more material on the net.  For a more thorough understanding, you may want to get hold of my book ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’.

I am using the Short Cut here (not the Basic Recipe given in the one-pager).

So take out a couple of minutes for yourself, drink a glass of water and lets tap our way out of the victim’s role:

Karate Chop:           Even though I don’t want to

                                      Leave the story behind

                                      Perhaps it is time

Eyebrow:                  To examine the benefits of letting go

Side of the Eye:      Of my favourite old role, and all of this kind

Under the Eye:       Because behind that sorry picture

Under the Nose:    Of victimization and despair

Chin:                          Is the true me

Colllarbone:            Waiting to share

Under the Arm:     The ease of being who I AM

Top of Head:            Loving and carefree

Karate Chop:          Completely unfettered by history

                                     Someone who has risen

                                    Above the drama and control

Eyebrow:                Transcended the need to be

Side of the Eye:    The persona who holds

Under the Eye:      Others responsible for the state of my life

Under the Nose:    And is willing to accept the responsibility

Chin:                          Of making my own choice

Collarbone:             I give myself permission to release these cellular memories

Under the Arm:     And to now express the light and love

Top of Head:            That is my natural state of being

Karate Chop:           To see every so called tormentor

                                      As a friend in this game

                                      Of learning and growth

Eyebrow:                  Experience and adventure

Side of the Eye:      Only another character

Under the Eye:       With no personal axe to grind

Under the Nose:     Just another soul friend

Chin:                           Who has helped me find

Collarbone:              The ability to forgive and move on

Under the Arm:      Living in love, being kind

Top of Head:            Knowing that at the end of every tunnel

                                      Light is always there

Karate Chop:           I know who to be

                                      Without this story

                                      And I no longer need to stay in this trap

Eyebrow:                  Of identifying with the role

Side of the Eye:      No matter how seductive and distracting

Under the Eye:       The drama that unfolds

Under the Nose:     My intention is now focused

Chin:                            To rising above it all

Collarbone:               Restoring my soul to

Under the Arm:       Heeding it’s divine call

Top of Head:              Being a loving channel of blessings and grace

                                        Whole and complete, Vibrant and unafraid

Take a deep breath and sit in silence for a few moments.  Notice how you feel.   If required, repeat the whole script a couple of times more.  If there is no noticeable shift, then you may need more advanced techniques as are outlined in my book.  But if you notice even a small shift, then I recommend daily tapping of this script until you feel fully free.

May this help you to Be  –  who you truly are 🙂

All my good wishes!

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