Poems: Change of Seasons

The evening routine of walk and play

Disturbed dramatically by a sudden wave

Of rain and wind – an unexpected storm

Leaving some exclaiming, ‘All is wrong!’

The weather is untrustworthy

Life is unsafe.

Their clothes are wet, the exercise is through

They want to get home and feel safe

But others turn their faces heavenwards

And smell the fragrance of rain

Wet earth, trees and leaves

Sighing in synchronous gains

Of fresh life, new love

And laughter unrestrained

The rains are here –

It is time to celebrate.

While the adults scramble for cover

The children jump eagerly into the mud pool

I watch it all with a sense of wonder,

How many different points of view!

The protective mother drags her baby to the car

The seniors reach for their umbrellas

Some smile and others wave

Silent recognition

Of the season’s change

Each one moves on in their own way

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