Poems: A Play of Light

I sketched an outline of the world I dreamed

And invited light to bring it to life

It poured in fluid, generous and colourful,

Spilling over, blurring the lines.

I was taken aback as before my eyes

All the boundaries melted away

And though this was not what I had wanted,

It was better in its own way.

Light can leave no crevices unlit,

Vacuums unfilled,

Or shadows hidden,

It does not discriminate between what “should be”

And all that can happen.

With equal acceptance and loving grace for both

The canvas was now filled

With a bright and complete universe

There was some surprise,

Some grief and even some regret

For my surrendered plans

That had been laid to rest.

Yet, eventually I raised my hands

In grateful prayer

With a heart full of thanks…

It may have taken a while,

But finally,

Now, I understand.

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