Reclaiming Creativity (EFT script)

Photo: So the Grass is always Greener on the Other side!

It is not uncommon for me to meet people facing frustration and dissatisfaction in their work lives.  However, after 3 conversations in a single week – about the frustrations of having left behind all interest in creative pursuits, I felt motivated to address the issue through a blog post.

Society seems to do little to encourage individual creativity and artistic pursuits.  These are considered as fine indulgences and as long as they are restricted to ‘hobbies’ or childhood activities, they remain marginally acceptable.  But any notions of following your heart and consistently allowing yourself to experience the joy that comes from any form of art are quickly attacked with cynicism and censure.  While it is true that it is difficult to make a living from these professions/pursuits, it is equally true that for some – expressing these traits is akin to life giving oxygen.  When you deny yourself the expression of your innate talents, there is a part of you that feels stifled and frustrated.  No amount of external rewards or monetary gains can compensate for this feeling of in-completion.  On the other hand, giving yourself the time and space to explore these areas nourishes the soul, energizes the body and brings a deep, indescribable sense of fulfilment, contentment and well-being.

If you would like to step out of the either/or mindset that has been sold to you, and would like to open doorways to a more natural, harmonious way of being, that encourages inclusion and acceptance of all parts of your self – here is a tool to help.  May this EFT script help you  reclaim your creativity.

The following assumes that you are familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques.   You can refer to the one pager to get started and if you find it useful, you can always find more material on the net.  For a more thorough understanding, you may want to get hold of my book ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’.

Karate Chop: As a child I was more open
To expressing whatever came through
Whether it was a drawing or a poem
It was fun to create and share it too
Eyebrow: But as I grew older in years
Side of the Eye: Experience left its mark
Under the Eye: A comment here
Under the Nose: A look there
Chin: A shake of the head, or not
Collarbone: Somehow I began to feel
Under the Arm: That all this business of art
Top of the Head: Makes little sense.  For me – this is not.
Karate Chop: I learned to be practical
Wise and worldly it seemed
I nodded in agreement
That one has to rational and stick to the mainstream
Eyebrow: Taking it to the extreme
Side of the Eye: I packed away all the joy
Under the Eye: Inspiration and fun too
Under the Nose: Blocked all the creative juices
Chin: Gave up on these  ‘childish pursuits’
Collarbone: Art cannot sustain a living
Under the Arm: Its for a chosen few
Top of the Head: The passionate, carried away, unrealistic fools
Karate Chop: At some point I began to judge myself
For missing that part of me
Here I was ‘growing up’ and moving up
And yet feeling this misery
Eyebrow: Its time to cut the ties that bind
Side of the Eye: That keep me locked in this pragmatic grind
Under the Eye: Today I give myself freedom
Under the Nose: And allow myself to see
Chin: That life is not about closing doors
Collarbone: Or limiting optiions in ways to be
Under the Arm: I don’t have to make this an either/or choice
Top of the Head: How about seeing the concurrent possibilities?
Karate Chop: What if I allow myself
To be all that I am
Not restricted to mind and thought
But in touch with the larger plan
Eyebrow: What if I honor all
Side of the Eye: That waits to emerge through me
Under the Eye: Every bit of art, expression and creativity
Under the Nose: What if the joy and ease
Chin: That comes from being this way
Collarbone: Comes not at a cost, as I thought
Under the Arm: But brings me gains instead
Top of the Head: What if this is who I am meant to be,
An instrument of inspiration, grace and harmony
Karate Chop: I free myself from all judgements
Of not being good enough
Of being too different, a misfit
Impractical, romantic-headed, deluded by impulse
Eyebrow: I honor the creator in me
Side of the Eye: I respect my abilites to flow
Under the Eye: To allow newness and beauty to appear in all my work
Under the Nose: I enjoy my life and living, letting my talents show
Chin: Carrying this enthusiasm and energy
Collarbone: Into all aspects of my life and growth
Under the Arm: Thereby inviting prosperity
Top of the Head: The abundance that naturally follows
the path of excellence that authenticity draws forth

Drink plenty of water, repeat the routine as often as required and do share what this brings up for you!

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Photo Credit:  Tanushree Vaidya

9 thoughts on “Reclaiming Creativity (EFT script)

    1. Thanks very much Deepti 🙂

      Had no idea that you knew Jahan too…

      I have enjoyed reading the posts you have been sharing with me… I really appreciate the openness
      in your writing!

      love and light,


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