‘You are here’ – mapping your way forward

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The seduction of words can blind us to the dangers of the spiritual path.  With profound wisdom being readily available at your fingertips, and every conversation with a ‘like-minded’ friend on the ‘same path’ as you – it easy to believe one has realized the truth.  In reality, not everyone is able to translate the knowledge into a knowing, the wisdom into an experience and the theory into practical application.

Love, joy, peace, compassion, forgiveness, etc… are naturally welcome and acceptable notions.   However, when we run into the ‘difficult neighbour’, the ‘dishonest employee’ or the ‘jealous colleague’ at work, are we able to respond with acceptance and kindness in the moment?  Are we able to smoothen relations with our parents and let go of hurts we have carried since childhood?  Are we able to root out the worthlessness that one may feel for not meeting the worldly criteria of success?  Is one able to offer the spouse/partner complete freedom and transparency?

More often than not, the ‘seeker’  is someone with old wounds.  Someone who has grappled with depression, abuse, life-threatening disease or some other emotional or physical challenge.  The beauty of the philosophical words can distract you and the wounds may remain unattended.  That does not make them go away.  If they are not faced and addressed directly, they will continue to influence us and now in more subtle ways.

We struggle to live the concepts that appeal to us intellectually.  And the greatest challenge is to be honest with your self as to where you are.  If you are not mindful, or listening deeply to your self, you can easily find yourself saying things like, “I have moved on.  It is what it is. He/she was just playing their role.” So on and so forth.  As long as the blinkers of self deception are in place, you will believe you are already where you aspire to be.

And this is the place where we get stuck.  We seek no real help, we already know all the answers and we pretend to have got it all.  The wounds fester in the recesses of the heart and mind.  Unacknowledged parts of you cry out for healing, but you may feel your enhanced knowledge is now sufficient.  Understanding the relevant spiritual concepts is not going to provide any real relief at this point – unless you fearlessly admit exactly where you are.

A physical challenge may make what I mean more clear.  Consider a physical allergy. Supposing you are allergic to peanuts.  Now I can tell you that most allergies have an emotional component to it.  By using energy healing tools like EFT, I have discovered and cleared scores of such allergies for many clients. Very often, the allergy can be traced back to a specific, emotionally charged event.  The person begins to associate the emotional stress with the peanuts – and we have an allergy.  Now at a purely physical level – there are a string of changes in the body that lead to the reaction.

If I am operating* from the pure knowing of physical reality alone – I need to avoid peanuts or keep handy some anti-allergy medication.  Because that is the nature of the reality I am operating from.  Now from an increased awareness, if I believe and accept that the emotional root is the real cause of the allergy – this awareness should allow me to eat the peanuts without a problem.

This is the tricky area.  I may know it intellectually, I may believe it and I would like to believe I can demonstrate it. But if this knowing has not become ingrained, what do you think will happen when I have that peanut?

Now what if I admit that I believe in this rationale, but am unable to operate with any confidence from that space?  That will lead me to either one of two sensible responses : a) avoid the peanuts, b) use the necessary tools (for example EFT) to clear whatever blocks theoretical knowing from translating into living belief – so that I no longer react to peanuts.

The point being – that if I do not acknowledge and accept where I am – I will not find my way forward – to where I would like to be.

I had an allergy to bananas for many years.  A potentially life-threatening one. I was convinced that I understood how emotions drive our physical responses and I can take care of this.  But after spending some months in trying to demonstrate my concepts, without success, I finally admitted to myself that I was not there yet …  The physical world was still very solid to me.  Though physics tells me its all space and spirituality tells me its all transient – here I was experiencing the reaction!  Once I could admit my reality, I allowed myself to use EFT and cleared the beliefs and emotional charge behind it.  No problems after that!

Aspirational states of evolution are wonderful navigators to be held lightly.  But  if the truth is that there is a gap between the theory and the living of it – admit it. There is no one to impress, no race to win and no accolades to receive.

It is your personal freedom that you seek.

And the truth of the moment is what will set you free.

*Read more about ‘Operational knowing’ in my book SOUL – Student of Universal Law.

Photo Credit:  Tanushree Vaidya

7 thoughts on “‘You are here’ – mapping your way forward

  1. This is such a rewarding read. It’s smack in your face but tenderly so. Sangeeta, it’s truly been a blessing to have known and interacted with you. Thanks for the heart warming and eye opening insights.
    Much love

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