Skeptics, Mystics & New Ways Forward…

Kirlian Leaf

I have learned not to dismiss things I do not understand.  I laughed when I first heard of Reiki and remote healing.  Until my back was against the wall and I was willing to try anything that did not threaten to worsen the existing situation.  Ever since, a more mature, open minded approach has brought rich learning and new knowledge.    Consequently, I have taken a keen interest in Complementary & Alternative Medicine for most of my adult life.

I have studied, practised and taught various healing modalities for many years now.  In my experience, the tools themselves continue to evolve and newer processes seem to be increasingly elegant, safe and effective.  I feel that advances in both, technology as well as in healing processes can contribute to a raising of consciousness.  Hence, I like to experiment with tools that demonstrate a healthy integration of science and spirituality.

My good friend, GD is an ‘empath’ and one of the most intuitive people I have ever met.  He demonstrates extraordinary sensitivity to energy shifts and I have grown to trust and respect his intuitive insights and sensing.   He is an excellent therapist and is brilliant at helping people discover and release self defeating thoughts and beliefs. Accordingly, when he told me that he (and his partner Amit) had decided to import a new, cutting edge healing machine, I was intrigued.

The advantage of going to an intuitive therapist is their ability to help you uncover the source of your challenges even if it is buried in your sub-conscious. These breakthroughs in discovery and understanding are invaluable in themselves.  They enable us to catch our autopilot reactions and unconscious patterns and interrupt them.  Healing and clearing tools can help clear up any associated emotions, thought forms and old beliefs.  These in turn can lead to physical healings. Now if such diagnosis and clearing could be provided by a machine, how great would that be?

The Inergetix-CoRe Healing System is designed to do exactly this.  Using bio-resonance, the machine identifies core issues underlying emotional and physical problems.    It can then prepare custom made informational remedies for each client.  These healing and balancing electro-magnetic frequencies  can be delivered via various medium such as biodfeedback, light, audio, ingestible water or even via remote healing.  (The remedies themselves are chosen from an inbuilt database of over 25,000 remedies, organized in 400 groups. It also provides energetic balancing with 8000 Rife and Clark frequencies pre-programmed for 1100 disease conditions. There is also an Organ Balancing program of over 2,000 organ/body parts that can be balanced through bio-information.)

At the sound of it, this was all rather incredible.  I read some of the most impressive testimonials on the web and heard Amit’s accounts of some astonishing cases.  And my curiosity was piqued.   I decided to try a session for myself.  We can input just about any personal challenge into the machine, and it generates a fascinating report profiling our core tendencies.  We put in just one word for my trial.  The report that was generated was psychologically deep and insightful.

Because my focus has been on inner work and GD and I regularly meet to support each other on this path, I can safely say that a lot of what the report described was accurate.  GD and I have cleared many of these issues in the past.  It seemed to have captured most highlights of my life events in terms of trapped emotions, favourite stories, limiting beliefs and challenges.   I was given a couple of audio files and some drops to ingest for a week.

One of my greatest struggles has been learning to draw boundaries and saying ‘no’.  Within the week, I found I ran into four such situations and I could clearly see the difference in my ease and way of dealing with the situations.

Subsequently, I continue to hear impressive feedback from more clients.

I share this here for two sets of people.  The spiritual seekers who are looking to uncover and unravel the more stubborn limitations that make them feel tied down.  And for those facing serious physical health or emotional challenges, and finding little help in the more commonly known approaches.  To both, I suggest you explore the website and see if it interests you.

In one of my many sojourns in the hospital as a caregiver, I made friends with someone dying of kidney cancer. I still remember his words, “I never smoked a day in my life, ran every day, watched my diet and thought I had all the answers to good health.  I was an agnostic.  Today, I pray twice a day, request remote healing, have medicines imbibed with prayer, read about mind-body medicine… If someone told me that drinking sea-water would cure me, I would.

Remembering my own laughter at Reiki and the subsequent turn around, I wondered, do we have to reach desperation before we can reach open-mindedness?  Do we have to put things down, before we find that is exactly what can pick us up?

For those of you willing to explore beyond what is known and familiar, I invite you to be open to newer avenues of growth.  Dismissal and discernment are two different things.

Photo Credit: Image Used Under Creative Commons thanks to Nebarnix

16 thoughts on “Skeptics, Mystics & New Ways Forward…

  1. Your accuracy of observation and the ease with which your words flow and have effect stuns me every single time.Dunno what effort/ time /experience you have been through to have this wonderful wonderful gift , which I wish I had.

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