Everyday Revelations

Everyday Revelations

If you think Facebook is a waste of time, think again.  Your engagement with any environment is determined by the level of consciousness that you bring to it.  My news feed has been carefully pruned to display posts of a nature that interest me and I believe are supportive to evolution and growth. In my opinion, this is not limited to spiritual and philosophical subjects, but includes art, literature, medicine, emergent technology, a good dose of humor and more.  For me, Facebook is a rich source of interesting, useful, heartening and heartwarming material from like minded people.

These connections and discovery of congruence in thoughts is most encouraging.  Especially for those of us who often feel ourselves different from those around us.  For example, I have often felt that I tend to be far more observant, sensitive and  ruminative  than others around me.  In earlier years, I took such comments from friends and family to mean that I am way too serious about everything.  Perhaps too philosophical.  For some, too spiritual – whatever that means to them 🙂

But gradually I began to see that this was not only natural for me, it was also helpful for me. In my own life.  In giving priority to things that mattered before it was too late.

But it took me a while to become comfortable with being who I naturally am.  So when I see these traits in others, and the wonderful inspiration they bring, I celebrate it.  I realize what it takes to be perceived as poetic, idealistic or sensitive in today’s world.  Sharing thoughts and feelings about ordinary moments which reveal extraordinary depth is meaningful.  Simply because it is true and authentic experience.  And that always connects us to each other.

Hence, writing updates, blogs, articles and books about everyday instances is valuable.  I know how I feel and what it does for me to resonate with something similar from another writer.  And I will happily continue to be who I naturally am, if this is the same effect it has on some other reader.  However few or many those may be.

Because those moments of heartfelt connection are what life is about.

A few days back, a FB friend, Karuna Tina Britton shared a quote on healing.  It spoke so completely to me that I would have thought it was mine.  This is exactly how I feel about healing:

Healing may not be so much about getting better as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are. Not a better you, but a ‘realer’ you. People can heal and live, and people can heal and die. Healing is the leading forth of wholeness in people. I think that healing happens only in the context of our imminent awareness of something larger than ourselves, however we conceive that.” ~ Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

I was so touched by the words that I went and searched the net for more writing from Rachel Naomi Remen.   I found two books on Flipkart.com and immediately ordered one, “My Grandfather’s Blessings”. It arrived a couple of days ago.  As I read it, I feel overwhelmed.  By its sweet, beautiful wisdom spelled out in simple language. About everyday encounters with life, death and everything in between.

It makes me feel blessed to be the way I am.  And appreciative of what I write myself.  I feel I write in a similar vein about similar things. Perhaps because we both have had wise people who blessed our growing years.  Or both of us have spent many hours in hospitals, with the dying and their families.

Or maybe I feel so much resonance with a lady I had not even heard of until a few days back, because perhaps, at the heart of it, we are all just the same.  Only some of us find the courage to share it more openly, more frequently.

I am grateful to Rachel Naomi Remen and the many other writers who have helped me to find my own courage.

To recognize the miraculous in the ordinary.  And to share it openly.

What gift have you been withholding from the world?

If you want to share something from your heart in full honesty,  please go ahead… the world will be a richer place.

9 thoughts on “Everyday Revelations

  1. Loved this post Sangeeta! Had it not been for connecting with you on Facebook, I might have missed so many wondrous openings of my heart….Your writing influences me and makes me understand what writing is for me…and this discovery gets deeper with everything I read from you. Ever so grateful to you for making this connection so alive…so vibrant. Who would’ve thought that Rumi can post his writings on Shams’ wall everyday?! 😉

    1. Thank you for your generous appreciation Deepti. Such feedback fuels my own ability and willingness to continue writing and sharing like this. A sincere thank you 🙂

      And love the last line 😉

      much love and light

  2. Every single word u write resonates with me,even though i have never met u.Strange.Simply reading your blog couple of times in day clears up a lot of stuff for me(though I manage to pile it back on after some time again 😛 ) and gives me hope that I’m not the only one experiencing turbulence in these changing times.

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