Why Serene Expression

I recently started a sister site called Serene Expression.  The idea is to help readers in “Giving voice to your unique song!”  Reproduced below is a an introduction to the  concept, and how we can learn more about ourselves from our everyday activities by engaging with them in a more conscious manner.

I would like to invite interested readers and subscribers of Serene Reflection to kindly subscribe to Serene Expression and contribute to the Pot Luck page at Facebook.

Looking forward to your participation and feedback,


Why Serene Expression

“The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest.”   

~ Bruce Lee

We express ourselves through myriad ways.  From creating exceptional pieces of art, to building complex mechanical structures or in the execution of simple everyday actions such as cooking or walking… absolutely everything that we do reflects who we are being.

When we are deeply connected to our true nature, the quality of all external expression and experience is touched by the sacred.

This blog is a sister site to Serene Reflection (‘As within, so without’ – Inner musings for outer change).  Here, I intend to share a deeper exploration of various avenues of personal expression. Have we discovered our own unique song?  Having found it, have we found the courage to give voice to it? What can we learn from the song that is currently being played?  Are we creating any interference or are we progressively encouraging its development?

I believe Life is our greatest teacher and everything we need to know is right here, in front of us.  We have just forgotten how to notice.  So a hurried, awkward walk can say a lot about the way you go about your life, and a cluttered house can tell you about the amount of clutter in your mind. Tending to your garden can help you realize some fundamental truths of life and death.  Or mindfully exercising your body can help you notice and release trapped emotions as you bring fluidity to your muscles.  There are invariable ways in which we can explore our being and our relationship with life.

I will begin with sharing my own journey with Home Cooking.  But gradually, I plan to add on other interests, as and when it feels right.

For those interested in my books, articles, poems and short stories, please visit SereneReflection.com, and subscribe to  Serenereflection.wordpress.com as well as my Facebook updates.

If you like what you see, please do share it on.   Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy your visit!

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