2 thoughts on “rumi

  1. Dear Sangeeta,

    A wonderful post. It’s interesting to me that just in the past few days, triggered by a theme in a film, I have had the strongest feeling that there is a “straight” line that points from our childhood heart to our deeper needs as adults. As you say, life’s events move us in different directions and these pure connections to Spirit are sidelined, sometimes permanently.
    To reconnect, (often to a faint trace of the old joy) we must learn to listen more deeply – allow – and sometimes take a leap of faith in the new/old direction.
    I believe our deeper purpose for being here is revealed very early. As adults we must re-discover these gems. There is great joy in finding them again.
    Lovely as always (and pinned the great Rumi graphic to PInterest)

  2. Thank you Louise 🙂

    Also for appreciating the graphic. I actually put the quote and a snap I had taken myself together. As it is the first time I have attempted this, its good to have your encouragement!



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