Poems: There is Nothing to Fear


No matter who is around you, or not
No matter what you have, or don’t
No matter what you have lost, or found
You are never alone.

Through the long nights,
And even more trying days
The sunlight warms the heart,
The moonlight shows the way.

Earth holds you steadily,
Even as the world seems to sway:
Draw a refreshing breath of clarity,
Let the breeze carry the tears away.

Spirit has never left you,
The elements hold you near,
You are one with the universe –
Relax, there is nothing to fear.

First published October 24, 2011 on Facebook

Photo Courtesy:  Dr. Udatta Kher (all rights reserved)

7 thoughts on “Poems: There is Nothing to Fear

  1. Beautiful, timeless and gentle…so you! 🙂
    I wish you have a coffee table book of such gems that I can keep at my bedside…until then logging on to Facebook to find your lines is a serene way to open my day…So grateful to be put in the light of your writing…
    Thank you. Much love

    1. Appreciate your comment Deepti, thank you so much!

      Trust you are having a wonderful time at the marine park – held by all the elements of nature 🙂

      much love

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