Reading Between the Lines


I have devoured books from an early age.

However, there has been a significantly different quality to the reading experience in recent times. I may not be able to express it in so many words, but I feel I must make the attempt.

Time seems to slow down.  The gaps between the words seem more alive.  The intentions and energies of the writer seem more available. Touching deep recesses of the heart in indescribable ways.  Triggering a knowing that bypasses the comprehension and understanding of a thinking, verbal mind.

I listen to the sound of the words in my head, feeling their texture in my mouth.  What would it be like to voice those unspoken words, own them as though they were your own?  Because they are.

Every experience, concept and thought expressed in the collective is in some unknown way, a part of your own. There is no co-incidence and if those words have come dancing before your eyes, they are singing a silent song for your heart’s ears.

These seem to be the times to listen to such voices.  To allow such a flow.

To accept and acknowledge how the world reflects your being and your being influences the whole.

Perhaps my words make little sense.  But here itself is the opportunity to give it a try.
Read these words slowly and meditatively.  See what comes through.
Now move on to read a poem – and you may experience something completely different, unknown, new.

Here is one of my own poems, “A Fresh Start”:

“I came to visit you last night
Did you notice I was there?
You handed me the worst of yours fears
The hopelessness and misery
All of the despair.
That warmth you felt
When you tightened the shawl
Around your slouched shoulders,
That was me.
Holding you, as I always do,
Albeit gently…
Giving you enough room
To move – decisively, freely,
It is, after all, your life to live:
You are allowed to run, occasionally fall,
No matter what direction you take
You can rise to your feet again,
Shake the grime off, stand tall.
For every time that you have stumbled
Or felt the dark night too long,
I have offered you a fresh start,
A blank canvas…
See – here is another new dawn.”

(Poem first published on FB on January 1, 2013
Photo Credit: Flickrninico creative commons)

5 thoughts on “Reading Between the Lines

  1. I think what you meant to say here reached their right spaces in my heart and mind. It was an interesting experience. Thank you for sharing.

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