Walking the Talk

How does one respond to the frequent headlines of violence and mayhem across the world?  While most would respond with anger, frustration, fear and other similar impotent emotions, there are others who may be righteous, or equally violent, albeit in different ways.

For those of us with an interest for looking deeper and taking responsibility for the world we  co-create,  personal encounters are a true test of all that we believe in.

While it is relatively easy to sit in a safe, peaceful home and radiate love and light to a faceless world, in daily life, even the man who cut your lane as you drove to work can trigger an aggressive response.  Imagine then, what it would be like to deal with someone who has threatened or caused harm to a loved one?  The protective instincts of a mother are probably stronger than in any other bond.  And perhaps the love and attachment is also the greatest here.

So when my dear friend, Charan Surdhar shared the following on FB, I was moved to share it here with you:

My son’s phone was stolen from him yesterday by 3 boys that surrounded him. Later in that evening, his friend was assaulted and robbed on a train by the same boys. One of them has now been arrested and is on bail. 
I worked on my son using the Body code and released, physical trauma, and trapped emotions of shock, terror, and grief. 
Then I tuned into the boy who was arrested and checked to see if he has a heart wall (a wall made of trapped emotions around his heart that can interfere with a person being true to themselves and feeling connected to the world). He had one, and his higher self allowed me to help him release some of it. There were emotions of terror, shock and grief coming from ages 6, 7, 11, 12 etc. 
This allowed me to move into compassion for him and for young kids out there that are just playing out their own hurt.
I’m feeling grateful and know all is well….

Charan is an exceptional healer who has chosen to practice as an energy practitioner specializing in Body Code and Emotion Code, rather than continuing as a geneticist.

I am convinced that her amazing contribution to her clients and to the world come from her being who she is.  As this incident clearly demonstrates – in the face of extreme provocation, Charan naturally and easily responded with care and compassion, not only for her own son, but also for the apparent ‘perpetrator’.

An inspiring example of what is possible, how thoughtfully we can respond and how we can be the change we want to see in the world.

It shows her sincerity in her inner work and her outer work.  Not only has she grown to address the roots of problems rather than simply deal with the superficial symptoms of the violence, but it also shows her belief in the efficacy of the energetic ‘heart wall‘ removal.

For those of us familiar with energy healing, here is an exemplary reminder of walking the talk.

For all of us, here is an invitation – to find and practice that which you believe can be a contribution to raising consciousness on the planet.

  • How can we, as individuals and collectives, demonstrate compassion in action? 
  • How can we be a part of the solution?
  • How can we contribute towards building a society that remembers what it is like to be kind, humane?

On my part, this is one of the tiny drops that I am contributing to the ocean – seeding this story in my own and other hearts – so that we can all ripple out more waves of compassion.  Because it is the first thing I thought of, I immediately put it into action.  Because the largest temple was built one brick at a time.

And to see greater love and peace in the world, we have to bring in greater love and peace in our own little worlds.

What would happen if we all asked ourselves:

What would I have to be or do different to contribute to creating a more peaceful, loving world?

And what would happen if we acted on that answer?

If this article touches you into loving action, please share it.  Let us spread ripples of kindness together.

My heartfelt Namaste to Charan – thank you for being you and sharing this with us.



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Image Source: http://quotes-lover.com/picture-quote/the-worst-prison-would-be-a-closed-heart/

One thought on “Walking the Talk

  1. What a wonderful post Sangeeta………..I truly believe in these words! Thanks for sharing them. I am sharing further…Love you!

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