Individual Clearings and Collective Consciousness

You may have felt that “this only happens to me”. “Only I know how this feels.” But it is not true.

As we peel away layers of our trapped emotions, patterns and limiting beliefs, we begin to see that there are many angles that contribute. While the details and intricacies will vary, there are common threads that unite our human experience.

Love is universal.  As is suffering.  We make it more real, solid and dense by becoming identified with it as ‘me’ and ‘mine’.

It is not only the apparent conditioning and environment that influences us.  Traces of the culture, ethos, history and emotional experience of our ancestors are embodied in us.  Our own energies carry information from across lifetimes and dimensions. The larger collective contributes to us in known and subtle, unknown ways and our own evolution contributes back to the collective.

We are tempted to cling to our stories as our individual own.  Seeing ourselves as the struggling stars, fighting epic battles not known or understood by another.

But even as we try to rise above our challenges in these stories, let us remember that we are a hologram representing the whole.

A change in perspective can bring clarity and freedom in a situation where you are blinkered otherwise.  So if you are locked into the individual’s perspective, see how your challenge is visible in the larger whole.  If you are habituated to thinking of the outside world as independent of you, look within and find where you are living the same in your own life.  The woman fighting for her independence at home is also the collective feminine being dominated in society at large.  The corrupt, short-term gain mindset in power positions is also being demonstrated in our own selfish and self-centred choices.  Both are quick to justify using similar arguments, albeit the scale of things may differ.

Any healing, clearing or release processes become deeper, faster and have a  more lasting effect when we address matters at both levels.  And as we clean up our own internal noise, we bring a little more of loving silence to the outer chaos.

Let us not be so seduced by the beauty of our uniqueness  that we forget we are expressions of the same Source.

Poem: Human Tapestry

human tapestery

8 thoughts on “Individual Clearings and Collective Consciousness

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and this poem. We sometimes forget even when we are trying to remember what it really means to be a part of the bigger picture. So wonderful.

  2. Reblogged this on Let's CoEvolve ! and commented:
    This emerged out of a conversation that Sangeeta and I had at Peter Donuts.

    We often see the ‘distortion’ or ‘pain’ located in us or another person.
    And we also know that it is in the ‘whole’.

    There is a ‘me-ness’ .. and the very nature of the ‘me-ness’ is to identify – thats like a virus that prevents us from seeing the truth of oneness.
    Just as there is a ‘one-ness’ which is ‘real’ experienced as ‘being’ .. there also seems to a
    “one-ness” that could be better called “human-ness” which is our ‘self’ which feels separate and identifies.

    It is important to hold the paradox of individual responsibility and seeing the whole.
    You and I are part of life and the whole of life. The mind cannot capture this.

    Sangeeta has written beautifully as she always does. Enjoy her serene reflections.. which will hopefully mirror something in the vastness of your being..

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