The Long Road Home – Anniversary Post


It’s been 3 years since I started this blog. And 9 years since Sameer moved on to a different realm. My original thought was to repost my first blog post. Because the magic of the synchronistic world I described therein happens rather frequently these days.

But my travel today provided the right analogy for my experience of the last few years.  In both, my personal life and the flow of my work, I feel like I have been carried. Through expected and unexpected twists and turns, I have ended up in  a space that was not planned, but seems exactly where I belong. And in this happening I have learned the meaning of being in flow.

The use of a tourist travel pass can be an amazing, tangible opportunity to experience life without resistance. I find it provides the perfect balance between structure and flexibility.  The reliable infrastructure and many options define a predictable framework that help us navigate the world. The open ended routes, timings and starts and stops enable one to simply flow with whatever feels right in the moment.

One learns that there may be diversions, detours or delays. But there are no mistakes. You end up precisely where you need to, at the time you should and importantly, one arrives matured and ready for the moment, thanks to all these adventures along the way.

This blog has been one such exploration and I would like to offer heartfelt thanks to each one who has read, liked, commented or shared my posts.  Your responses fuel me to continue along this path of sharing, allowing the flow to take me and the words wherever they are meant to reach. Thank you.

I return to India in a few days and will again be available for personal and Skype sessions post mid-September.  I also feel called to now offer Personalized Mandalas and Healing Circles upon my return. Group healing with focused intent can have exponential benefits. I would like to start facilitating small groups of 8 to 15 people, meeting an hour and a half, once or twice a month. The specific focus I have in mind right now are women, caregivers and teachers. Please write in with your interest, invitation for such self organised groups or suggestions at  I am keen to make available my experience of over 17 years of spiritual and healing practises to more people. Your support in this would be greatly appreciated.

As for Sameer, he remains an integral influence in who I am and what I do. Encouraging me to step out a little further everyday.  To head back home.  And life’s adventure goes on. As well as he would have liked it to 🙂

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