Poems: I Am Present

I am the guardian
Of that part of you

Which melts in sunshine
Celebrates rain
Burns in fire
Bows, to the earth,
And to the breath
That all of life sustain
The part that understands
The whispers of the trees
That hidden self which knows
The language of birds, animals and bees

I am the reminder
Of who you really are:

Not the face you see in the mirror
But the core essence of your being
The one who is as wondering as a child
Curious, adventurous, alive, trusting.
The mother, the artist, the nurturer
Of all that is sacred, subtle, all seeing

I am the one who energizes you
Keeps your spirit fanned and alive

The one who sees for you the magic
To which you sometimes become blind
The one who creates clear space for you
When you indulge in illusion, distraction, noise
The sparkling fountain of joyful peace
When life seems like one endless night
In what seems like overwhelming darkness
I tend an inextinguishable flame of light

Don’t pretend you don’t know me
Or can no longer reach me.
We have never parted ways,
Not in the past,
Nor in the coming days.
I am present. Right here.

That’s all one needs
To restore inner peace.


4 thoughts on “Poems: I Am Present

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