4th Blog Anniversary – List of Select Posts


The intent of this blog, my books and FB posts is to give back.  Like everyone else, I have had my fair share of tough patches.  While I have been fortunate to have family and friends support me through such times, there are a vast number of people out there who remain anonymous.  Anonymous not because their name was not on the article, or book, FB update or message board.  But because their only emphasis was on the content they provided.  

Our point of contact was not a long term association, but a single instance that delivered to me exactly what I needed in that moment.  Then they blended back into the generous ocean of the internet, leaving ripples of relief in their wake.  The dedication and quality of information (in every sphere of life) that can be found on the web is humbling.  The ability of some people to give of themselves, inspiring.  In the modern world of social media, many prefer to watch silently from the sidelines, or find it easier to criticize than support. But there are also those who pro-actively offer what they can from their heart.

So while I pray my thanks and blessings for such people, I feel the need to pay it forward through my writing.  To share of myself and my learnings as authentically as I can.  In the hope that something that someone needs to hear today – reaches them through me.

My 117 posts  thus far have been fueled by this intent. While the search box can help, I am using the opportunity of today’s fourth blog anniversary to gather together some of the posts that seem to have been considered particularly useful or informative.  EFT Scripts have not been listed below as I have added a tab to the top menu for the same.  Please remember that my Poems here and on the FB timeline can also be used for tapping.  I invite you to bookmark this page for ease of navigation to these articles, as and when required. If you like what you find here, you are most welcome to subscribe to the blog and share it with others.

Last but not the least, Thank You to those who read, like, comment and share my writings. You encourage me to keep on!

Below are links to select articles on:

  • Processes
  • Authenticity
  • Relationships
  • Multiple Resources


  1. A 5 Minute Exercise to Reclaim Peace
  2. Contemplating the Stars
  3. The New Beginnings – Daily Meditation (with GD)
  4. 9 Buffet Tips That Can Be Applied To Life
  5. The Pause Diet For Joy and Peace


  1. Are You Singing Your Own Song Or Dancing To Another Tune?
  2. 9 Tips To Reinventing Yourself
  3. Unpeeling Our Labels
  4. Point of No Return
  5. Great Expectations
  6. Beyond All Excuses
  7. Home is Where The Heart Is
  8. Lifelines and Why We Cut Them Off
  9. ‘You Are Here’ – Mapping Your Way Forward
  10. Through The Looking Glass – Seeing Beyond the Image


  1. 4 Cues To Transform Your Relationships
  2. Blinded By Familiarity
  3. Going Further With The 4 Agreements
  4. Superwoman – Would You Be Willing To Hang Up Your Cape?
  5. Speak Up

Multiple Resources

  1. Are You An Earth Sensitive? and Why You Need to Know
  2. Tools For Empaths
  3. 11 Ways to Address Helplessness
  4. 11 Ways to Be Present to Another’s Vulnerability
  5. What Do You Need To Unlearn Today?



13 thoughts on “4th Blog Anniversary – List of Select Posts

    1. Amanda, I truly appreciate your visits, likes and comments. Your book, Born to Receive has been useful and impactful for me, coming at just the right time. So with my warmest regards, thank you!!

  1. You are a wonderful soul. It is my privilage to be guided by you in my life. I am sure lots and lots of people would have benefited from all your poems, thoughts and other informative articles.
    You are a unique person who “Walks the talk”. ,and I know how much courage that takes.
    GOD bless you my dear. You are a saviour for so many, you know and dont know.
    love you. Keep doing the great work. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Louise. I see the dedication and compassion you pour into your writings and it inspires me. Thank you. I am so glad for our connect here!



  2. Sangeeta, This is such a wonderful idea … and such a GIFT!
    Happy Anniversary.
    I’m going to set aside time with a cuppa and explore 🙂
    Thank you from my heart to yours.
    Val ❤

  3. Wow..Congratulations Sangeeta…its a pleasure to have u n ur writings in my life. God bless u . Good luck for many more anniversaries. Mitali.

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