Poems: Bridging The Illusory Divide

Vondelpark - Tanushree Vaidya Photography

Love is unconditional.
It has no beginning, nor end.
It cannot be switched on or off
Much as one may pretend.

Relationships are a different thing
There is a ‘you’, and ‘me’, and a ‘we’ there
Either bridges are built together,
Then sustained with attentive care,

Or to neglected ruin they fall
Unable to accommodate
Conflicting needs and wants,
Routine wear and tear

To confuse the two
Is to err
Love is synonymous with being
Flow, a background that is just there

To ground it in the day to day living together
One has to become present, responsive, aware,
Remembering the choices, actions
Each individuated self makes
Affects the collective space we share

If and when one can see
There is no other, only me
Contrasts and similarities appear and resolve,
Morphing, integrating rhythmically

But relating to these mirror selves
Is something learned slowly, gradually
Until then, the road ahead
Is best navigated pragmatically

Photo Credit:  Tanushree Vaidya (all rights reserved)

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