Poems: Notice The Underlying Presence

imageMarry the chaos with stillness.
The old with the new.
The known with the unknown.
The distraction around
and the emptiness within.

The spoken and the unspoken.
The tangible and the sensed.
What was hoped for, and has been lost,
What is waiting to be born again.

Include it all.
Integrate everything.
The days of separation are gone.
It is time to bridge the gap in between.

Let there be no more excuses,
No more defense, arguing, procrastinating.

We are but fragments of a whole piece,
Floating in doubt for too long.
Warring lets none of us win
But forces our habitual burdens
Onto the next innocent generation

The blood may have soaked into mud
But the earth still cries,
Its wounds are still raw.
It holds our memories,
The ones we insist on keeping alive

Forgive the ones who came before us
Forgive the ones who never came

We are the answer we have been waiting for
Wake up. Cease apathy now,
It’s time to consciously co-create.

(First published on my FB page on July 2, 2014)

8 thoughts on “Poems: Notice The Underlying Presence

  1. Sangeeta, you sound like an Oracle here. Each word rang true and pierced deeply. And feels even more timely NOW. Thank you.

    Am sharing your message on Facebook. And so wish you could join us for our Conscious Leadership Summit in Aurovalley, Rishikesh on ‘Creating a world that works for all’. At the World Temple for Human Unity.

    1. Thank you Nilima. The earth speaks to my heart, so I write what flows from there. Good wishes for your gathering – we all contribute in ways we are called to and I trust that we find ourselves where we are meant to be 🙂

    1. Thank you Gichon 🙂 This was at the Blue Church at Bratislava. I found sitting quietly enabled one to touch a deeper peace, despite the tourist hustle and bustle over there.

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