The 11 Commandments Of The New-Age-Ego (In A Nutshell)

If there is anyone who can hold up a mirror and make you laugh at that which you may have so far been turning a blind eye to, it is my friends GD and Aalif Surti.  GD’s inimitable, witty way of pointing to profound wisdom (and difficult truths) is artfully captured by his articulate brother, Aalif, at his blog

Their latest offering,  “The 11 Commandments Of  The New-Age-Ego“, is a hard hitting, yet hilarious reminder of the traps we tend to fall into along the ‘spiritual path’.  To get full benefits of the image below,  I recommend reading the full post at

I am most grateful to have GD personally knock sense into me whenever either of us feel it is required.  However, I felt that a one page summary of these Commandments would serve as a great reminder on my wall.  So I created this image with GD’s permission.  You are welcome to use it as a screensaver or poster for yourself as well .

Thanks GD and Aalif!

(Please retain their blog link in the image.)

11 Commandments of the New-Age-Ego

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