5th Blog Anniversary – List of Select Posts

Mykonos lighthouse by Tanushree Vaidya

Today is the fifth anniversary of this blog, which I started writing on Sameer’s 6th death anniversary. In my first post, “Light House”, describing a mysterious happening after his passing, I wrote:

Death is an unarguable inevitability.  And there will  be questions and emotions when a loved one moves on.  However, those who stay behind – can celebrate the life lived.  Through greater love,  deeper understanding in their own lives.

In light of that start, today, I look back with satisfaction on the 147 posts thus far. Each one sharing a little bit of myself and what I have learned.  In the hope that it will be of some help to someone else.

And I dare say, the articles have lived up to this intent.  As a repository of resource articles, the blog has generated a great deal of soul-satisfying feedback from its small, but regular group of followers.  That makes all the hours of composition and writing worthwhile.

A heartfelt thanks to all those who read, experiment with the suggestions, like, share with friends, and write back with their feedback.  You motivate me to continue.

I shared a List of Select Posts last September, for the ease of bookmarking. Here are some additions from the current year, (based upon the response they received) in no particular order:

Looking forward to our continuing interaction!
Good wishes to all and thank you.

Photo Credit: Tanushree Vaidya Photography

4 thoughts on “5th Blog Anniversary – List of Select Posts

  1. Sangeeta,I thank you for your presence on this planet at this time. And for the meaningful ways in which your wisdom has impacted my life.Much respect for the brave soul you are. May the love you share come back manifold and sustain you always.Hugs, Nilima  

    1. Thank you, Val. It is a pleasure to have your visits and comments.

      Trust you had a good vacation and hope you enjoy your explorations here as well 🙂

      Love and light,

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