Raising Your Vibe

In Colourful Tools To Uplift Your Spirits, I shared suggestions on how to design and use visual cues in a way that can quickly and easily help elevate one’s mood.  This is another offering to add to that collection.

You can use this image as a screensaver, wallpaper or poster.  You may get specific insights that you can then action.  In all likelihood, after repeating these queries a few times, you will begin to feel lighter, more enthusiastic, loving, joyous and peaceful, for no specific reason.

The questions can also be used with EFT, or the Access Consciousness Clearing statement if you so prefer.

Would be happy to hear of your experience in the comments below.  (If you enjoy the results, you are most welcome to share it with others.)

May the Force be with you 🙂

Yoda speaks



(Image made using Notegraphy)

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