Making Room For A Higher Power.

Its been a long while since I posted anything on the blog.
As my clients know, I often use this blog as a resource reservoir to provide them with tools and suggestions specific to their individual challenges.  With over 170 posts, there is usually a little something useful for everyone. So I felt it was alright for me to take an informal break from adding to the material here.

Concurrently, the last few months have been rather eventful in my personal life.
Thanks to that, I noticed, that my own approach to challenges has grown ‘quieter’ over the years. I am more able to look for and notice a higher order to things than are readily apparent from my own limited perspective.
I feel quite certain that this present emphasis on allowance and being has only become possible because of years of active inner inquiry and clearings.

For those who find themselves similarly located, perhaps you will agree that an assured faith is sustaining and strengthening in itself. Whether you place that faith in a God, consciousness, or your own higher Self may be a matter of personal choice, articulation and detail – but not one of them take away from the power of faith.
The value of consciously building our own spiritual framework of reference is understood during the times of human stress. That is when one realizes the pragmatic power of regular spiritual practice.

One of my centring tools is prayer.
In my earlier years, despite my spiritual beliefs, I have had the tendency of trying to do everything all by myself. Now, with far more experience under the belt, I realize the value of making room for grace.  Consciously inviting it in.  Allowing myself to feel loved and held by all of life (we all are – but we tend to forget).

I came to see that I was mistaken in seeing vulnerability as a weakness to be hidden or overcome. Instead, acknowledging and admitting the limitations of this mind-body actually helps one to reach an awareness beyond this identification.

Prayer – the speaking to, attentive listening for and accepting of a wisdom that is from beyond our limited selves can be a transformative practise.
In the continuing spirit of sharing what I have learned from my experiences on this blog,  I felt called to encourage my readers to experiment with a similar approach, hence this post.

Perhaps the poem below may assist you in getting started.
(I have shared many other poems on this site that you could browse through as well. Most, like this one, can also be used as a EFT tapping script.  If you like any of them, you are welcome to send the link to your loved ones.)

Would be happy to hear your thoughts on this subject… if you feel like sharing, please drop a comment below.

Poem: 'Help.' by Sangeeta Bhagwat


6 thoughts on “Making Room For A Higher Power.

  1. That is a beautiful prayer, and just reading it from the heart brought tears , definitely a signature call that grace is in the building.

    Feeling grateful that you are my friend in this world of duality that my body and mind still live in.


    On Tue, 17 Apr 2018 at 1:12 PM, Serene Reflection wrote:

    > Sangeeta posted: “Its been a long while since I posted anything on the > blog. As my clients know, I often use this blog as a resource reservoir to > provide them with tools and suggestions specific to their individual > challenges. With over 170 posts, there is usually a littl” >

  2. Serendipity at its best!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts..The poem is heartwarming and your beautiful thoughts on prayers n grace just filled in perfectly…soul stirring💛
    Stay Blessed!!

  3. Have been awaiting to hear from you sangeeta! felt warm after reading the poem and thank you for once again bringing my attention towards simplicity.

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