Spiritual and Energy Tools To Help With De-Addiction.

In the recent weeks, I received several queries around addiction and hence decided to share some energetic clearings here. I felt that it was necessary to include some introductory material. But in doing that, the post has grown more inclusive than originally planned and also includes links to more related articles. For those who go through it all – I thank you for your patience – and hope you find it well worth your time!  For those who so prefer, you can jump straight to the Clearings at the end.

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Our addictions are not limited to substances like drugs, alcohol and desserts.  Even our thought patterns, behaviours and relationships can become our addictions. Anywhere that we park the source of our happiness outside of us – can become our addiction. We gradually begin to need increasing amounts of it to continue to feel good(tolerance) and develop acute unhappiness in its absence(withdrawal). So we can grow addicted to anything from excessive working out and busyness, to casual sex and selfies.  (If you just can’t stop yourself, pause and ask yourself if you have an addiction you are unwilling to admit.)

This vast subject should not be oversimplified and nor should its challenges be understated.   So before I offer the clearings that several clients have found useful in releasing cravings, I would like to list some general pointers from the physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic and spiritual angles. For, the more bases that we have covered the greater the likelihood of sustained change.

Physical factors

There is no question that physiological factors go hand in hand with our addictions.  People better qualified and more knowledgeable than me have discussed this in great detail and one can search the internet for more information. Here, I would only like to highlight a few points:

  • Allergies: Sometimes, we crave the very thing that we are allergic to.  This is because the body releases some feel-good hormones as a part of its efforts to combat the allergen.  What we actually begin to crave is that consequent ‘high’. If that be the case, then identifying the allergens(say through lab testing and/or energetic dowsing as may be appropriate) and eliminating the allergy(EFT can be useful for this) should be a part of the protocol.
  • Physiological changes and Diet: Recognizing that actual chemical changes that are produced in the brain and rest of the body, it is important to not be judgmental with yourself or others. For example, while the conclusion is under debate, some studies indicate that sugar could be more addictive than cocaine in mammals.  Asking people to simply ‘have more will-power’ and ‘just eat fewer sweets’ may hence be an unrealistic and perhaps unkind demand.
    The system needs to be cleansed and the brain rewired to enable and implement better decisions.  In this context, I strongly recommend the book, “The Prime” by Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary for a detailed explanation of the brain-gut connection and how to restore ourselves to wellbeing. The book helps in better understanding how the quality of our thinking and moods are influenced by our digestive system. For those dealing with food addictions in particular, this may well be an eye-opener.
  • Exercise:  Regardless of what form the addiction takes, remember that if your mind-body is well maintained and well tuned, your toxic dependency on outside factors will diminish.
  • Qualitative rest and space for reflection: We need time and space to process all that we go through in our overly busy modern lives. Do not underestimate the power of sitting still and allowing emotions to be processed. Without that, you only add to your stress and a consequent need for escape. Meditation and prayer are two more ways to grow in our equanimity and to generate more mindful responses to whatever is happening in our lives and immediate environment.

Emotional factors

It is now being thought that disconnection plays a major part in addictions.  Ironically, even as technology has connected us across time and distance like never before, we are increasingly isolated.  Though our interactions may have become more frequent, they have become more superficial, and often fake. (The most common thing I hear from my clients is, “Who do I tell all this to?“. )  Further, there is little connection within as well.  The more we put on masks to interact with the world, the more the split within us.

We need to meet ourselves.  We need to discover what is sacred for us, individually. We need to learn and practise how to build genuine meaningful connections and build safe spaces where we can share authentically with each other.  We need to learn how to speak and listen from the heart and how to share a healing silence together.
If we had more of these, there would likely be less desire to escape or numb ourselves with addictions.

Intellectual factors

In this context,  I refer to the kind of rationale and reasoning one is employing to make lifestyle choices.  Studying the situation holistically, taking into account one’s risk factors and predisposition, the conscious choice of thoughts and beneficial environments and disciplined application of appropriate remedial practices is a must.

The more we run on auto-pilot, the more we are at the mercy of our senses. Pleasure and avoidance of pain then remain the dominant driving factors.  However, the greater the self-awareness, the easier it becomes to reign in our vulnerability to be overcome by mindless desires.

Self-awareness and self-inquiry are practical, useful and necessary. For example, after careful introspection were you to find that you use substances to numb yourself because you are highly sensitive to energies, then you could turn to coping tools for an empath.  Or if you find that a lack of a meaningful occupation is making you feel empty, you could start reinventing yourself and find what makes you sing.  If you discover that you are not living the values you subscribe to, that inner conflict can be driving you through many emotions that can lead to addictions.
Thus, instead of battling only the symptomatic addiction, we can go deeper in understanding and addressing the unmet needs which are giving rise to the need for the substance. (If you would like assistance with such self-inquiry, you could contact me for private consultations.)

Energetic factors

Restoring balance and harmony to our energy systems has cascading benefits that leads to an overall improvement in mental, emotional and physical well being.
In addition to taking concrete, tangible steps in the physical world, experience the exponential benefits of using energetic tools such as Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) and Emotion Code. Please refer to the short ‘EFT for Addictions’ section in my book, ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques‘ for specific suggestions.  Further, handouts of EFT Basic Recipe in One Page and EFT for Addictions in Marathi are available at my site, www.serenereflection.com as a part of the free downloads.

The Spiritual factor

Spirituality is often considered an impractical weakness – a distraction from the business of living well and getting ahead in the rat race.  Ill-informed fanaticism, cynicism, controversy or debate are now more common than a genuine pursuit of the larger questions for ourselves.  For even those who occasionally do consider them, these questions are largely parked away as some illusory retirement plan.

This is similar to driving in faster and increasingly more reckless circles within a narrow radius –  after throwing out the map – and yet expecting to arrive at a destination that is miles from where you are looking for it. (If that caught your attention, you may like reading Material Wealth, Abundance and Spirituality.)

Beyond all forms and appearances, at the heart of it all, we all long to fill a ‘void’ within us; to restore a sense of wholeness and completion.  Whether we are able to articulate it or not, we all seek that reassuring, unshakeable connection to Source/God/Divinity – whatever one prefers to call it.
Despite all ambitious ideas of the limited self, within each one, there remains the faint inkling of the remembrance of our true nature. Like a beacon, it calls us back home.
The ego attempts to avoid feeling this void, by using outside distractions, pleasures and crutches. But nothing temporary and changeable(as all things of the material world are) can substitute for that inner connection.
The ego resists meeting this ‘void’ as well.  For, this would mean an emptying of the self and an embracing of the infinite beyond.

In this consequent pull and push, we grow increasingly desperate in trying to obtain relief from the outside. Building our own reliable spiritual framework can go a long way in calming and strengthening us so that we can play this game of life without being overwhelmed by it. To this end, self-inquiry, meditation, spiritual practises and prayer are all relevant and useful.

Some spiritual tools that could help:

  • This Prayer to Restore Faith may be a good place to start.
  • Then, in this particular context, consider Ho’oponopono- the Hawaiin practice of a prayer requesting a correction in the errors of our perception.
  • Forgiveness will also likely be required.
  • If addiction has been in the family, then I would especially recommend John Newton’s Comprehensive Prayer Of Forgiveness for Ourselves.
  • At one time, I worked extensively with the Sai Sanjeevinis, with impressive results.  This is a prayer based healing system that uses symbols. You can study and use the entire Sai Sanjeevini Healing system online (for free).

Choose any path that calls out to you… and walk it one step at a time.
Perseverance can get us much further than we imagined we could reach.


Finally, below are some clearings that I have been sharing privately with clients.  I wrote these several years after my EFT book came out, hence they are not included in it.  They have been liked by those struggling with toxic relationships, smoking, shopping, tv binging, phone obsessions, and pica, amongst other things. (Let me know if you give them a try yourself!)

These statements bring up the related energy and awareness blockages within us and help release them. My suggestion would be to record the clearings in your own voice and do the two sets as many times as you can in a day.  Alternatively, do the two sets at least once a day and then loop the second set at a low volume through the night, for at least 11 days. Remember to drink extra water as you go through this process.

I. First, let us release all judgements: Sit peacefully with your eyes closed and palms crossing over each, flat on your chest, in a way that the tips of your fingers are touching both the Sore Spots(see EFT Basic Recipe in one page.)  Inhale deeply and exhale completely with each of the following statements:

  1. It’s okay to have had this craving.
  2. It’s okay that all that contributed to this happened.
  3.  Its okay to have these emotions.
  4. It’s okay to have these feelings.
  5.  It’s okay to release all of this right now.

II. Next, we will use some clearings to point our self towards the wholeness that one actually seeks.  Remember, every thought, feeling, and sensation that arises is experienced within us.  (We do not need to become attached and dependent on external stimuli.)
Those familiar with Access Consciousness may prefer to use the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement instead of ‘release, dissolve and let go’.  Use whatever you feel more comfortable with.

    1. (Whatever, whoever or wherever that it is that I crave or yearn for) –
      What is the feeling that (___) invokes in me that I am actually looking to have?
      What generative energy, space and consciousness do I have to be to be in awareness of that?
      Everything that blocks me from having that awareness, I release, dissolve and let go now.
    2.  All the past experiences, cellular memories, auric imprints, future programs, oaths, vows or agreements, solidified and densified conclusions that I have around feeling this lack, or feeling unworthy, or undeserving of feeling and knowing of wholeness, I release, dissolve and let go now.
    3. Were I to obtain this object of desire/obsession, how would it feel?
      What would it take for me to feel that, and to feel complete right now?Everything that blocks me from knowing that, feeling that, or feeling wholeness and completion right now, I release, dissolve and let go right now.
    4. What would it take for me to remember this, know this, and feel this completion from hereon?
      Everything that blocks that from happening, I release, dissolve and let go now.
    5. From this space of wholeness and completion, what would I do differently now?
      Everything that blocks me from knowing that and doing that, I release, dissolve and let go now.
Please note that none of the above is meant to be a substitute for formal medical treatment. However, I do recommend complementing your chosen de-addiction protocol with the above suggestions. 
Let me know your comments and if you feel this useful, please do share it with others as well.
Good wishes to all!


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