Time For A Plot Twist In Your Story? (Poem + Energy Clearing)

Sometimes, we tell stories 
About ourselves
In the hidden hope
Against hope
That someone will prove us wrong.

That someone else will overturn them, 
Assert instead, that we have been enough all along.
Our favourite stories of self doubt
And not belonging
And others in a similar vein…
We hope to see decisively dismissed
Magically changed.

But unfortunately, the teller
Makes such a good seller
That he ends up buying 
All the peddled junk and wares
He had secretly hoped 
Would have been rejected fare.
Thus, now we have ourselves believing
Tales of our unworthiness and despair.

Snap out of it.
Stop building those tall stories.
Reinforcing the walls and pain.
Start afresh. Begin anew.
Who you are, 
And can now become
Is entirely up to you.

If you must make up a story,
Make it empowering, 
More aligned 
To the remembrance of truth

One that helps you play lightly
Feels fluid and easeful…

For this made up, constant,
Persisting idea 
Of a fixed, unvarying person,
Is simply untrue.

Your body today
Is not what you were born with.
These thoughts did not exist a minute ago.
They come and run, changing like the wind.
Just as often as you shed and don
New beliefs, thoughts, roles and emotions.

Like the actor in a play,
Even if you can’t,
Don’t know how,
Or just don’t yet want to go home…
At least remember: 

You can also be the playwright
In this manifest world
Who now chooses to write herself
A brand new way…
No longer identifying
With ideas of an unchangeable self
That in suffering must forever stay.

If any of the above resonates, below is an exercise that you may like to try for yourself.

The following assumes you are familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT). If you need more information on EFT, please visit: http://serenereflection.com/now/emotional-freedom-techniques-eft/

To download brief instructions to get started with EFT, please click here.

  1. Make the time and space to be quiet, undisturbed and undistracted.
  2. Read the poem slowly and meditatively, observing what it brings up for you regarding your self and your ‘story’. (You can tap on your Karate Chop point as you do this.)
  3. Write down a personal title for your self’s ‘dominant story’ – the narrative that seems to keep recurring in your life. Examples:
    1. ‘The unwanted one’,
    2. ‘The never-good-enough one.’,
    3. “The one who deserves to be punished”, and so forth.
  4. Write down the top 3-5 beliefs that are consistent with the above self image and are consequently routinely noticed, or anticipated. Write each such associated belief in not more than a line each. Examples:
    1. “Eventually, she is always rejected or abandoned.”
    2. “All she is and does is never appreciated.”
    3. “She can never have what she deeply desires.”
  5. Tapping on the side of your hand at the Karate chop, read the title and beliefs you wrote in steps 3 and 4 ONCE. These are the ‘threads’ that will help you remember all of this and bring up all the related energy when you are actually running the clearing.
  6. After this, giving it your full attention, read the clearing given in italics below while tapping your EFT points (Click here to download EFT instructions). You may also use this with NOW healing, or the Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement. Whatever your preferred modality, run the clearing at least 3 times a day for 11 days. (The clearing may be a mouthful, but that makes it rather comprehensive. As we usually have a long, deep rooted history to clear up in such matters, be patient and give it a try!)
  7. Additionally, record the clearing in your own voice and play it at a barely audible volume  through the night for at least 11 days. (If you are familiar with NOW or Access Consciousness, you can adapt for their use.)
  8. Make sure you remain well hydrated through this period as you will be processing a lot of energy in the background.

“All the ways I am invested in, habituated and committed, conditioned, programmed, implanted, wired and enslaved to telling, expressing, living, being, perpetuating, solidifying, defending, concretising, proving, disproving, buying, selling, believing, projecting and or inviting this particular version of the story of me and my life… I release, dissolve and let go across all time, space and dimensions now. “

Would be happy to hear your response and your observations upon completing the exercise! And if you find any of this useful, please share it with others!

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