Making Peace With Your Body (Energy Clearing)

There are some key relationships that tend to impact our life experience significantly more than others.

The more commonly discussed ones are the relationships with parents. Less frequently discussed is our relationship with Source/God/Consciousness/(whatever describes your spiritual framework).
This one, or the lack of one, decidedly influences the way we perceive the world and how we cope with life challenges.

Yet another decisive one is our relationship with our idea of ‘self’. And despite what some non-duality followers suggest about this, my experience with ‘self’ and others tells me that we have to heal and develop to a healthy sense of ‘self’, before we can transcend it.

Hence, those familiar with my work(especially in recent years) may notice that I try to retain a balance between addressing the subjective experience and maintaining a return to the remembrance of who we are beyond all stories.

In my last post, I offered a Prayer For Self-Forgiveness. That can help in healing the way we treat our self. Subsequent to that, again at my client’s request, I am offering this script as a means to establish a healthy dynamic with our body.

For many people, the self is synonymous with the body. Hence, opinions about it tend to be taken as judgements about one’s self.
So this may be considered as a specific, influential part of healing the way we relate to our self.

Unfortunately for many of us, whether it be conditioning, consequences of societal pressure, or the effects of disease or ageing, we tend to grow increasingly impatient, unhappy and resentful about our bodies over time.
Shame tends to dominate over gratitude, and like any other entity that we treat with hostility, the body seems to respond back with ever increasing provocations. The consequences may be reflected in self esteem issues, physiological changes leading to disease, or relationship difficulties.

I hope that the above introduction was sufficient to surface the reader’s individual details in their awareness. So even as this script addresses the most common issues, their individual complaints are also healed and released.
(Note: The wording may occasionally seem harsh as the sad part is that most self talk and self judgment tends to be highly critical and charged.)

Like other Poems on this blog, you may either simply read it slowly and mindfully, or use it with the EFT tapping points (For more information on EFT, please see: If you choose not to tap along, please read several extra times. Repeat the process for a few days, until it feels complete.

Even though I have all kinds of issues with my body,
I am ready, willing and able
To change that dynamic now.
Even though I have treated it with hostility, anger and blame,
Imagining it to be the cause of my troubles, my limitations,

My secret but overwhelming shame,
I forgive myself now.

Even though I sometimes hate it, cringe at how it looks,
Grow frustrated at its lack of co-operation,
Enraged at its inability to adequately, efficiently perform,
Feel I have been betrayed, that it has let me down….
Despise the signs of wear and tear,
The marks of disease and ageing,
And scars and wounds of irresponsible adventures
That I myself found engaging…

Maybe its time to relook at things, cease this war,
Bring in kindness and calm.
Because none of this helps me feel good.
It only makes me feel terrible and wrong.
If I am constantly at war

With a part of my self
How can genuine ease and happiness ever be my norm?

So today, I forgive myself
For believing the body to be all of me.
And for demanding unrealistic things from it,
Without respecting its boundaries.
For all the ways that I have been impatient, and struggled
With how it is looked at, commented on, or perceived,
For all the ways it has hurt
To think my Self to be unchanging, incapable,
Ugly, inadequate, failing, abnormal, or best unseen.

For all the times that I have disowned it, cursed it
Wished its entirety or parts to be different,
Felt locked in, at the body’s mercy…

For all the times I wished it or myself dead, or gone,
Or resisted being embodied

For all the deprecating judgements
Of race, appearance, gender or colour
Age, size, shape, ability
That I took to be valid, real and demeaning
For all the ways in which I have hated,
Shamed myself, made the body a tool

To validate, generate and perpetuate
My guilt, blame, helplessness, anger, misery

For all the times I have also forgotten
That while it does not define me in entirety,
It too is an expression of infinity…
I apologise to all relevant others, my self and my body.

I release all trapped emotions and beliefs around this now,
All the fixed points of views, inherited, accepted or socially decreed.
I make a fresh start, and begin to see
How this magnificent vehicle has thus far supported me…
All that I have seen, heard, felt or said,
Studied, written, expressed, or been,
Explored, created, withstood,
Enjoyed as a human being…
How much of all of this
Was made possible
Thanks to the relentless workings
Of this complex, incomprehensible gift
Given to me?

I thank all the things that have been working right,
All the ways that it continually repairs ,and heals itself
(Mostly without my even knowing what needs to be done)
This evolving blessing has been my ally and partner
From the day I was born.

I vow to now treat it with respect and care,
Being attentive, listening and responsive to its needs…
Making this relationship a healthy, two-way street.

May every cell of this entire being

Be informed by awareness, gratitude and love,
Allowing all healing and restorative powers to awaken,

Rekindling aliveness, joy and exuberance.

From hereon, my body and I
Will dance together like synchronised waves
Both arising from the same ocean,
Transient, varying forms of the very same grace.

Allow yourself to rest quietly for a few minutes before you resume other activities. Also, please drink some water, especially if you have been tapping.

Would be happy to hear of any shifts you may feel after practising the above. And if you found the post useful, please share it with others who may benefit.

The better we feel in our skin and about our self, the better we treat each other.

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