Getting Through The Storm – Clearing Pandemic Fears

These clearings are likely to resonate more with those who have worked with me in the past and have an idea of what to expect of me! But I hope that in these unusual times, some others will also give this a try and benefit from the script.

Because EFT provides us the wonderful advantage of stating things as we are experiencing them, without necessarily jumping to any positive affirmations, I feel EFT would be the suitable clearing process for this script.
So simply read the following script slowly and mindfully, as you tap on the EFT tapping points (For more information on EFT, please see:
If you choose not to tap along, please read at least thrice at one time.
Repeat the process for a few days, until it feels complete.

Its hard to think of anything else,
When the entire world seems changed.
When my life, my routine, my personal world
Is so different, that I wonder
If I will cope or go insane.
When everywhere I turn, I am told
That I could get sick, I could die.
That a precious loved one
May get sick, and I will be helpless
No matter what I wish or try.

Its not easy to turn away
From the news and the online feeds
From everywhere – cues to be afraid
Only add to my panic and grief,
To add to that the anticipatory guilt
Of making a mistake…
Not keeping enough distance
Or washing my hands enough
And I may very well be the one to blame.

Overwhelmed at the idea of what can go wrong.
Overwhelmed by staying home.
Overwhelmed at what the world will be like.
What my own personal mind, body, financial, relationships
And spiritual state will be like…
If and when we step out of this disruptive zone.

But none of this is helping me.
Not one of these worries add to my health.
If anything, my head hurts,
My stress increases
And consequently my immunity is compromised.

What can I do
And how can I be
So that things are otherwise?

Perhaps there is a wisdom
In pausing now,
Taking a deep breath.
Allowing myself to acknowledge
There is lostness, fear,
Perhaps even panic.

I give myself permission
To finally acknowledge and accept
What I have always known but often denied:
Then whether there be a pandemic or not
Some things are
Simply facts of life
And arguing with them does nothing
Except increase our suffering
Try what we might.

Perhaps this is the time to accept
That this mind and body
Always came for a limited time,
That every single person here
Will experience demise at some point.
That birth, health, disease, pain,
Loss, recovery, grief, death, uncertainty
Are all irrefutable parts of life.
And instead of exhausting myself
In denying this reality
I accept the rules of mortality
And choose to live my life…

Live my life with greater joy,
Making the best of my time
Showing up, being fully present
To the grace in every moment
That I would have overlooked otherwise.

I give myself permission to live well
Deeply, fearlessly – be fully alive
Without withholding any love
Or wasting even a minute of this precious life.
I acknowledge and thank my mind and body
For the amazing ways in which they adapt
For all the healing that can be accomplished
When I support that.
To remember that any magical cure
That I await out there
Is but a stimulus that provokes
My own body’s inherent healing ways…
So I remind myself that I myself can support
My own mind, body and health
By willing resurgent my body’s resilience
And my mind’s strength.

I give myself the permission
To do all that is within my control
Without wasting time, attention and energy
On anything unproductive or unhelpful.
To take all sensible precautions,
And pray for all to be well
To be focused on doing all that I can
As well as I can…
And making peace with all the rest.

Allow yourself to rest quietly for a few minutes and notice any changes in how you feel before you resume other activities.
Also, please drink some water, especially if you have been tapping.
Best Wishes!

If you find this useful, please do share it with others!

8 thoughts on “Getting Through The Storm – Clearing Pandemic Fears

  1. Dear Sangeeta

    Thank you for sharing this.. Lasr few days i was waiting to hear something from you.. This script really covers the entire gamut of what is playing out now within and without.


  2. Hello Sangeeta ji..hope you are doing well. This is powerful and certainly gave me peace. There is nothing better than acknowledging and accepting especially more in the curreny times. With your permission, I plan to share this with my team today. Thank you once again and wishing you the best.

    1. So nice to hear from you Sidhartha! I am happy to learn it helped you… and please do share it widely, thank you for that!
      I hope it helps more people!


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