Reboot – A Script For Times of Personal Transformation

Inner work often highlights the contradictions we carry within ourselves. While there is a pull towards truth, light and lightness, there can be a strong attachment to the old, familiar rabbit holes and identifications.

For those at the edge of a personal cliff and looking to make a leap towards unknown territory, this poem/clearing script may be useful in navigating the transition.
Use it along with EFT tapping, or simply read/listen to it mindfully and slowly. Repeat for a few days and observe what changes for you.
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For as long as I can remember
I have woken every day
Unknowingly donning lenses
That coloured all I be, think, do and say.

Upon looking in the mirror
The story was kept alive.
I did not see a reflection of truth
But only the projection of believable lies.

For in my mind’s eye was formed
A fixed idea of how I am defined.
Of how the world treated me,
How I responded, felt and opined.

For years, this story has been reliable
Whether ugly, beautiful, strong, weak
Wanted, unloved, heroic, victimised,
Selfish, selfless, lucky, unhappily destined

Whether I liked this self or not,
Its attributes, tendencies, patterns
Relationships, fears, wins, failures, successes
It was all familiar, unquestioned – mine and ‘me’.

Now, I discover…
Things are changing fast.
Once the idea has been challenged,
And broken, I realise ‘I am not what I thought’.

The story of my self
Is neither unchangeable nor consistent
And I feel a little lost.
This breakthrough is as unsettling
As it is welcome.
Disoriented and disturbed,
Conflicted in what to choose…
A part of me keenly seeks a freer new,
But forgiving the old perspective and its consequences
Is somewhat difficult to do.

Changing with ease would reveal
I needn’t have suffered.
Not this long. Not as intensely.
And that makes me feel foolish and angry.
So a part of me would rather keep the old lens
Justify the perceptions I carried
Instead of sheepishly waking up from dissatisfaction
And celebrating new possibilities.

So even though this part of me
Feels compelled to justify, defend and perpetuate
What I believed, what I proved, what I lived,
All that I thought I was –
I now forgive myself, everyone I knew,
And every punishing paradigm I dreamt.

I choose to surrender
All anger, blame
Violence, complaint, guilt and victimhood
To be free of all extrapolation, limitation and blindness
Of tainted filters and fixed points of view.
To release all pain, shame, need for punishment
Insistence on apology or revenge,
Any and all karmic debts

I forgive myself
For the time I took,
For being stuck, panicked or hesitant,
For being fearful of stepping into freedom,
Accepting, that change may not be easy
But it is indeed inevitable
And its time for the old phase to end.

Its time to give myself permission,
Readiness and willingness embody:
To consciously shape who I now become…
Navigating this turbulent transition with ease
Allowing myself to blossom,
Flow with life
Own my evolving views and form
With innocence, openness,
Agility and flexibility hereon.

Not knowing the whole story to come,
Content with walking a step at a time,
Trusting the process of becoming:
Being more authentic, aware, alive.
Whole. Centred. Present. Truthful.
Reminding myself that I am carried by life,
Ever nourished, blessed and fine.

I remind myself of my inherent wholeness
And the potential and choice to express
A fresh self and a brighter outlook
With this body’s every breath.
Hereon, I choose a different way of life:
Expansive. Inspired. Creative.
Joyful. Grateful. Light.
Aware. Awake.
Fearlessly, fully alive.

(PS: Some aspects are intentionally repeated for emphasis.)

If you found the above interesting or useful, do drop me a line and please share it with others who may have need for it!

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