Clear Out The Old and Make Way For The New

Space is on my mind.
Thanks to Google’s many reminders on upcoming changes in their storage policy, I decided to take a look at my digital storage and see what needs to be cleared out. Surprise, surprise! It was not all the travel photos that were taking up maximal space, but the attachments in emails from years ago – when things tended to be forwarded on email rather than on Whatsapp.

Tons of irrelevant, practically useless, non-personal but heavy attachments weighing down my bandwidth and occupying precious space that could be better utilised. Or left clear and empty!
As I framed that thought – I felt it could very well be some near-forgotten memories, experiences or perspectives that I could be talking about.

Like ancient bricks unknowingly laid down as a foundation for the story of our lives to come, things that bothered us years ago remain at the bottom of our narratives.
From times when we knew less, were less strong, less experienced and less aware and hence more sensitive and wounded by things that were perhaps not intended that way, not a personal attack and not that threatening – there still remain wounds, hurts and consequent beliefs about our self and the rest of the world. Is it any surprise that most inner work will take us down to some distant point in time rather than finding the emotional charge from a present moment alone?
Objects and spaces tend to carry for us the imprint, memory and association of all that they have been witness to. So moving them along can shift a lot for us internally.

Just as clearing up our inner spaces encourages us to have neater and more organised surroundings, freeing up the outer space helps us feel fresh within.
As an example, if you’d like to feel clearer in your head, your desk/bedside space would be a good place to start tidying. Similarly, reviewing and emptying your digital storage may feel surprisingly refreshing.
For the digital world is also representative of our overwhelmed, ‘put-aside-for-later’, consumerist, unaware, distracted and denial-based ways of modern living.

My late husband would jokingly say calculating the per sq.ft. cost of holding on to things one had no real use for was incentive for minimising possessions and space requirements. When you live in Mumbai, that number can truly be impressive and a influential factor for all practical purposes!

However, as my energetic sensitivity has grown over the years, I think the emotional and energetic cost is the real decider. As I released objects and the energetic weight they carry, I began to to grow more mindful of the ease, lightness and closure that brings. On the other hand, hoarding clutter and keeping storage(physical, mental, emotional or digital) overflowing tend to create an unconscious strain on the mind and keep signalling a need for important inner and outer housekeeping.

The end of the year is fast approaching. Like with every new beginning, we would all like to usher in newness, excitement and joy with this change of date.
But if reading this article has you wondering if you need to empty your cup to prepare to receive something fresh – may be you would like to get started with a symbolic emptying of your mailbox or google drive?
Or if clearing physical spaces is your calling but seems too daunting a task – do have a look at Clearings to Help Declutter and Stop Hoarding!
If you are drawn to inner housekeeping, do browse this blog for plenty of free resources.
You are also welcome to learn about how signing up for personal consultations can help you.

No matter where you start – I hope you enjoy the emptiness you reclaim for yourself!

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