Have You Addressed These Critical Family Matters?

Doing our best in all areas within our control is not only practically useful but also helpful in building resilience and acceptance of whatever unfolds.

For those of us who have the time, energy and ability right now, the responsible and compassionate thing to do is to put our matters in as much order as we can for the sake of our loved ones.
Without undue delay.

While it is practical to prepare for the possibility of an untimely death at any time, during a pandemic – this need is even more urgent.

Can you imagine the delays and difficulties that are going to clog the legal and financial system after such a huge number of sudden departures?
If you would like to minimise the hardships that loved ones are forced to deal with at the time of your eventual death(whenever that may be), here is a pragmatic checklist to help get you started:

  1. If you/family members do not have Medical Insurance, make this a priority. If you have dependents consider the need for Life Insurance as well. Some policies can be obtained online and do not require you to wait for medical tests which may be difficult to complete at this time.
  2. Give access to some of your funds to another family member if you have not already done so. Many households have the dependents totally unaware of banking/financial details. Remedy this.
  3. Sometime back, I had received a wonderfully pragmatic and useful forward. This document: Familymustknow.pdf compiled by Mr. R.K.Chopra (as per the document) offers a comprehensive template of practical information gathered in one place for your family. Download and fill it up!
  4. Add/Update nominations to all your assets if you have not already done so. (It is usually a mandatory requirement these days.)
  5. Execute a Will. Death can be quick and sudden and with our superstitious ways of avoiding all discussion and action around Wills, many families are going to be left struggling in the aftermath of this pandemic. Ideally, have it made and registered with professional help. Though in some cases, it may be possible to use a simple template that you sign and have witnessed by two others. At the very least, as an interim/emergency solution, let your potential successors know your wishes clearly so as to avoid debate amongst them.
  6. Make a Medical/Living Will or make your views clear to your family so that they are not left arguing or struggling over such decisions should that time arise.
  7. If you have pets, minors, disabled or elderly dependents, identify suitable Guardians in the event of any mishap. Check on their willingness and discuss other details with them. Execute any necessary documents. In some cases, you may need to get legal help in setting up a trust or other formalities.
  8. Start decluttering and organising your possessions. This will help you feel better for multiple reasons and is practically beneficial to the entire family.
  9. Don’t wait to forgive those you need to. Or to express apology or love in places you have held back. You still have the opportunity.

Additionally, invest in your health on a daily basis with a seriousness that reflects an answerability to yourself! Appropriate diet, exercise, meditation and inner work will boost your immunity rather than it being depressed by obsessing over news, social media or whatsapp forwards.
Living well also improves the chances of us accepting the inevitability of our death, as and when it happens.

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Please use the search box to find more resources relevant to your needs.
Those feeling the need for customised support, will find details on online consultations at my website SereneReflection.com

Peace be with you and your loved ones!

(PS: If you find any of the above useful, please do share this post with others.)

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