A Swift Aura and Chakra Cleansing Tool

Just as the space around us requires regular decluttering and tidying, our energies also benefit from some routine housekeeping. This short exercise will help in restoring your mind, body and energies to a calm, clear and refreshed state.

Unlike most guided meditations, it is relatively fast paced and only a little over 5 minutes in duration. This is for two reasons:
1. To encourage the inclusion of at least a few minutes of rebooting every day.
2. Energy changes need not necessarily be time consuming. Those who have worked with me are well aware that a lot can be shifted in just a few minutes.

So give it a try with an open mind and let me know if it works for you!
Best done every morning and evening, feel free to use it whenever you feel low or weighed down.

(An audio recording of this guided meditation(in my voice) is available at anchor.fm. You can also download an mp3 file by clicking here.)

Settle comfortably in a sitting position with your spine erect.
Feel your weight drop into the seat below.
Allow your attention and energies to come back to your centre, becoming completely present to the here and now.
Imagine as though you are breathing deeply in and our from your heart. Take a couple of such slow, relaxed breaths.

Now run your attention quickly up your spine with each of these following statements:
Align to Wholeness now.
Disentangle from everyone and everything else now.
Disentangle from all inner and outer distractions now.
Align to a decluttered inner and outer space now.
Repair energy field now.
Reintegrate now.
Align to wholeness now.

Notice the clearer and calmer feeling emerging within you.

Next, let’s do some chakra cleansing and balancing.
Let’s begin with visualizing a comforting Emerald green light holding you and surrounding you in all directions.
Now imagine a foamy white light pouring in through the top of your head, flowing down throughout your body and filling you up. 
Seek out any dark or heavy areas and make sure these dissolve throughly in this cleansing white light.
Once the entire body is filled with foamy white light, we will go to the root chakra at the base of your spine•

Imagine the root chakra being polished by the light into a shiny red jewel. Allow it to be cleared, cleansed and balanced, until it appears fresh and sparkling.

Now move up to your sacral chakra. Imagine the foamy white light rinsing the sacral chakra. Allow it to be cleared, cleansed and balanced, until it looks like a bright orange crystal in your mind’s eye.

From here we go up to the solar plexus, bathing it in the same foamy white light. Allow it to be cleared, cleansed and balanced, until it glows like a bright yellow orb.

Move further up to your heart chakra.  Let the foamy white light purify and unburden your heart chakra. Allow it to be cleared, cleansed and balanced, and watch it turn into vibrant, pulsating green emerald.

Lets move up to the base of the throat now. Visualise the foamy white light polishing the throat chakra. Allow it to be cleared, cleansed and balanced, into a sparkling blue crystal.

We move our awareness to the third eye. The foamy white light cleanses and sharpens its clarity. Now the third eye gleams like a powerful indigo gemstone.

Now, we are ready to move to the crown chakra at the top of your head. Allow it to be cleared, cleansed and balanced by the foamy white light until you see it shining like a vibrant, translucent violet crystal.

Notice how all your chakras feel clarified, alive and energised.
Imagine all these rainbow lights flowing fluidly from the bottom of your spine to the crown chakra and overflowing like a fountain all around you.
Seal your aura with a beautiful, healing and energising golden light.
Take a deep breath, marinating in all the aliveness and serenity, both within and around you.
Whenever you feel ready, rub your palms together, cover your eyes and then open them slowly.

You are ready to step out, balanced and refreshed!

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