About Me

Thanks to a rich and challenging personal life, I took a studied interest in all matters of spirituality, self-inquiry and energy healing processes from an early age.

Sharing from this extensive experience, I have been supporting individuals in reclaiming inner peace, empowering them with tools that help them regain balance, sustain calm and maintain clarity, for close to twenty years now.  I enjoy helping people to discover their own song and be authentic with themselves and with others. Such inner work leverages outer changes, enabling my clients to experience greater well-being, healthier relationships and an overall improvement in their quality of life.

Personal sessions, customized workshops, and writing are the different ways in which I offer my learnings, intuitive guidance, and experience.   While I share detailed articles here, I post shorter, daily reflections on Facebook.

I have authored five books on healing and self-empowerment subjects, including ‘Looking Back Looking Beyond‘(published by Om Books International, Delhi),  ‘S.O.U.L. – Student of Universal Law’ (published by Xynobooks.com)  and ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’ (published by Wisdom Tree, Delhi).

Some of my books and several free resources can be downloaded at:  www.serenereflection.com

A more heartfelt description of how I feel about my work is posted as Inner Landscapes.

Thank you for stopping by!

love and light,

Sangeeta Bhagwat

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Namaskar Sangitaji,
    A friend of mine who is working at Mastek Millennium Centre, Mahape, Navi Mumbai and attended your meditation sessions had given me your reference link.
    After reading your thoughts on this blog I feel that
    I need to share my experiences of meditation (Shaktipatyoga) which I had learned from my Guru
    with you and Gyandev.
    I am a Microbiolgist , age 42 yrs, working as QA team Lead in a software firm (US healthcare domain) in Nagpur
    May I request you to forward me the way of communicating you!
    Thanks and regards,

  2. Hello. My name is Mitali and I am a journalist. I was hoping to connect with you for some inputs. Can we speak in person, soon?

  3. Sangeeta, I just want to thank you for all the amazing information that you teach on your blog. I found your blog while in the midst of struggling with some serious anxiety that I just couldn’t get under wraps. You have helped me so much today. I rejoice and give thanks for your loving-kindness and Compassion. I pray that all the good and positive seeds that you have and that ever will, sow into the One Life, and all the ways that you help others, may it come back to you blessed and multiplied, pressed down and running over, exponentially more than what you have sown! BLESS YOU!

  4. I’m in awe to find a wonderful individual who has such insight very similar to my own…. I LOVE the poem empowerment corrections. I too have created a means of healing energy via reading. It’s been my passion to create a book through which others can heal simply through reading & aligning with it. My question here for you Sangeeta is do you have any writings with similar format of the 16 clearing statements as a ‘surrogate’ for those who refuse to see. I realize the importance of a person’s engagement & participation, however I am involved with Martial Artist’s who are entangled with entities that disrupt their vision & awareness additionally domino effect my immediate environment. This is something I cannot get away from without severing cords to those who I am not interested in severing ties with. (strong long term relationships). Love to hear what creative modalities you have! Bless you & be well!

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