About this Blog

This blog is intended to be a space to share my introspections, learnings and experience on any and all topics that help one to lead a more peaceful life.

Naturally, this invites in the framework of philosophy, spirituality and healing.  But I believe that all such teachings and tools should be practical and easy to implement in our daily lives.  So I will focus on those anecdotes or ideas that have relevance to our day to day life.

Having said that, words have their own limitations and I retain the right to contradict myself :).  Life is in all shades and one view point may not be appropriate in another context!

I may also share the occasional piece of poetry or fiction, as I enjoy writing those  🙂

For most of my life,  I have been a great listener but a reluctant speaker.  However, having seen that sharing from the heart touches people more deeply than anything else, I have grown in my willingness to open up.

All the writing here is intended to help you discover your own answers… so all good wishes for your own journey 🙂

P.S.:  All articles posted here may be shared freely for non-commercial use, as long as the contents are unaltered, credits are retained and a link to my website www.serenereflection.com is included.

Thank you!

Photo Credit for ‘Starfish’:  Tanushree Vaidya Photography (all rights reserved)
It made a difference for that one!” ~ The Star Thrower

7 thoughts on “About this Blog

    1. Thanks lovely Madhavi. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Reminds me of a poem I shared on FB recently:

      You don’t have to kill yourself
      To get a fresh lease of life.

      Now I have to explain to the postman
      To return mail to the sender
      But he is as bewildered as them
      They all fail to see
      Though it may look the same
      This is not their addressee
      For so long they dealt with it
      That they forgot who I was
      Can’t blame them,
      I too had confused myself
      With those four walls
      So now they continue to look
      For someone they can’t find
      It is no fault of theirs
      Nor is it mine
      For one last time
      Let me spell it out
      I am the infinite, empty space…
      That is unlimited, ever changing
      I cannot be defined
      By this house
      It’s only a transient form I am taking

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