Elasticising The Mindset (EFT Script)

Ever been in an argument? I'm sure we all have!Whether it is an intellectual debate, an outburst of road rage or a violent, bitter and long lasting family feud - the one common factor is our righteousness. Through it all, we tend to remain convinced that we are in the right. We have deeply emotional … Continue reading Elasticising The Mindset (EFT Script)

For The Frustrated Seeker (EFT Script)

This is not the time to give up. This is the time to deepen our practises. I should be over this.I have been reading books, blogs and memes,Listening to podcasts, seeing videos,Taking workshops, personal sessionsSharing, venting, journalling...Meditating. I should be a pro by now.Akin to a buddha in a new skin.Untouched by troubles.Unfazed by change.Balanced … Continue reading For The Frustrated Seeker (EFT Script)

Reboot – A Script For Times of Personal Transformation

Inner work often highlights the contradictions we carry within ourselves. While there is a pull towards truth, light and lightness, there can be a strong attachment to the old, familiar rabbit holes and identifications. For those at the edge of a personal cliff and looking to make a leap towards unknown territory, this poem/clearing script … Continue reading Reboot – A Script For Times of Personal Transformation

Poems: When We Remember

When we remember That death could be round the corner Conflicts fade away. Love becomes more important. Forgiveness and apology Come easier and are more urgent, The chaff quickly separates from the grain. When we remember That life could yet be long Whatever is ongoing may extend Then our backbone straightens Our silence learns to … Continue reading Poems: When We Remember

Getting Through The Storm – Clearing Pandemic Fears

These clearings are likely to resonate more with those who have worked with me in the past and have an idea of what to expect of me! But I hope that in these unusual times, some others will also give this a try and benefit from the script.Because EFT provides us the wonderful advantage of … Continue reading Getting Through The Storm – Clearing Pandemic Fears

Clearings To Help Declutter And Stop Hoarding

Few amongst us have not struggled with 'letting go'. Though it be the natural order of things, whether it be people, beliefs, emotions, recurring thoughts or simply objects - many of us have a hard time in allowing things to come and go. At the request of a client, I am writing this post specifically … Continue reading Clearings To Help Declutter And Stop Hoarding

A Prayer For Self-Forgiveness

Forgiveness means different things to different people. Regardless of whether one is coming from a very human perspective of deciding to reclaim peace and letting go of what occurred, or one is coming from a deeper, spiritual place whereby one is able to cast an entirely different, compassionate, and non-attached light on the subject, there … Continue reading A Prayer For Self-Forgiveness

Time For A Plot Twist In Your Story? (Poem + Energy Clearing)

Sometimes, we tell stories  About ourselves In the hidden hope Against hope That someone will prove us wrong. That someone else will overturn them,  Assert instead, that we have been enough all along. Our favourite stories of self doubt And not belonging And others in a similar vein… We hope to see decisively dismissed Magically … Continue reading Time For A Plot Twist In Your Story? (Poem + Energy Clearing)

Poems: Healing The Void Within

At some time or the other We all encounter a hollowness A nagging, deep-rooted need Which we describe differently And like most things lost In translation We begin to believe: 'I need someone to love me To have someone who belongs to me To whom I matter most And can count on for eternity.' But … Continue reading Poems: Healing The Void Within