Elasticising The Mindset (EFT Script)

Ever been in an argument? I'm sure we all have!Whether it is an intellectual debate, an outburst of road rage or a violent, bitter and long lasting family feud - the one common factor is our righteousness. Through it all, we tend to remain convinced that we are in the right. We have deeply emotional … Continue reading Elasticising The Mindset (EFT Script)

Have You Addressed These Critical Family Matters?

Doing our best in all areas within our control is not only practically useful but also helpful in building resilience and acceptance of whatever unfolds. For those of us who have the time, energy and ability right now, the responsible and compassionate thing to do is to put our matters in as much order as … Continue reading Have You Addressed These Critical Family Matters?

Breaking Down Loneliness

Loneliness: A subject of deep vulnerability. Readily admitted to by some and a secret shame for others. Even as social media has turned up the volume on comparison with our peers and our consequent need to appear(if not be) partnered and/or popular, it has oversimplified its cause as also its resolution. Hence, the more common … Continue reading Breaking Down Loneliness

Poems: When We Remember

When we remember That death could be round the corner Conflicts fade away. Love becomes more important. Forgiveness and apology Come easier and are more urgent, The chaff quickly separates from the grain. When we remember That life could yet be long Whatever is ongoing may extend Then our backbone straightens Our silence learns to … Continue reading Poems: When We Remember

Clearing Blocks To Gratitude And Receiving

If you are familiar with any kind of self-help or spiritual writing you may have already read about the many reasons that gratitude is good for you. It is considered essential to happiness and positive emotions. It can help make us resilient and keep things in perspective during difficult times. Gratitude is believed to reduce … Continue reading Clearing Blocks To Gratitude And Receiving

Making Peace With Your Body (Energy Clearing)

There are some key relationships that tend to impact our life experience significantly more than others. The more commonly discussed ones are the relationships with parents. Less frequently discussed is our relationship with Source/God/Consciousness/(whatever describes your spiritual framework). This one, or the lack of one, decidedly influences the way we perceive the world and how … Continue reading Making Peace With Your Body (Energy Clearing)

Smooth Transitions – Clearings To Support Loved Ones Through Their Dying Process.

When I was twelve, my brother had a bike accident and fell into a coma that lasted a whole week. His life was suspended by a thin thread and the family stood by, barely breathing ourselves. He fortunately survived. But that intense period as a youngster sitting in the general ward of a government hospital … Continue reading Smooth Transitions – Clearings To Support Loved Ones Through Their Dying Process.

Poems: Healing The Void Within

At some time or the other We all encounter a hollowness A nagging, deep-rooted need Which we describe differently And like most things lost In translation We begin to believe: 'I need someone to love me To have someone who belongs to me To whom I matter most And can count on for eternity.' But … Continue reading Poems: Healing The Void Within

Clearings to Help In Drawing Healthy Boundaries.

The re-evaluation and reconfiguration of relationships (and the implicit and explicit agreements governing them) seem to be a matter of priority and urgency for a lot of people right now. In recent weeks, the subject of boundaries has come up frequently in my client sessions. Consequently, I thought I would offer here a collection of the clearings that … Continue reading Clearings to Help In Drawing Healthy Boundaries.

New at Serene Reflection: Explore The Archives

With over 170 offerings at last count, this blog now has a host of practices, clearings, essays and poems that can serve inner work. As per their individual needs, I regularly recommend specific, relevant articles for self-study and practice to my clients. However, I was wondering how to make this reservoir more accessible and useful … Continue reading New at Serene Reflection: Explore The Archives