EFT Scripts

To learn more about EFT, please visit: http://serenereflection.com/now/emotional-freedom-techniques-eft/

To download brief instructions to get started with EFT, please click here.

Please note that you can use any of the Poems as EFT scripts as well. 

For The Frustrated Seeker

Reboot – A Script for Times of Personal Transformation

Getting Through The Storm- Clearing Pandemic Fears

Clearings To Help Declutter And Stop Hoarding

Time For A Plot Twist In Your Story? (Poem + Energy Clearing)

Smooth Transitions – Clearings TO Help Loved Ones Through Their Dying Process

Clearings To Help In Drawing Healthy Boundaries

Embracing Change

13 Clearings To Address The Fear Of The Unknown

From Suffering To Lightness – An EFT Script For Pain

16 Clearing Statements To Address The Self-Sabotage Of ‘Inevitability’

9 Clearing Statements To Address The Fear Of Uncertainty

Beyond Drama

Unpeeling Our Labels

Resigning From Playing Villain 

Disentangling The Ties That Bind (Relationship with Parents)

All The Time In The World

An EFT Script for Women

Reclaiming Creativity

An EFT Script for Overwhelm

High Time

The Road Less Travelled By

Personal Freedom

Stepping Out of The Cage (Victim Mentality)

“What’s Good and New?”

When There is Too Much To Do

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