Poems: Heart Light

Below layers of anger Feigned indifference, Deeper, under bandages That became thick walls, Seemingly permanent skins Remain grief, sorrow, hurt. Wounds, some still bleeding. But beyond that Tremulously survives Raw vulnerability Rarely allowed, or seen Not the fearful end of things: Only a translucent cover, Pure, sheer light Successfully veiling. Unwrap slowly Layer after layer … Continue reading Poems: Heart Light

On Fleeing From Our Personal Monsters

There are two ways to argue with reality.  One way is to wish that someone or something else were present instead of who or whatever is. That's the one we tend to consciously ruminate over. The one that fuels our hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Drives us to positive thinking, visualizations and manifestation attempts.  Well used, … Continue reading On Fleeing From Our Personal Monsters

11 Crisp Reminders To Help With Difficult Situations

Sometimes the urgency and overwhelm of a situation can make us forget what seems obvious to us in our saner moments. Here is a short list to help retain a more measured perspective during such challenging times. 1. Centre Yourself. Disentangle from past experience, future projections and other matters currently on hand.  Become fully present. … Continue reading 11 Crisp Reminders To Help With Difficult Situations

Poems: Ocean Waves

Life has no neat finales Though people may die or fall away No situation or relationship magically In a pleasant, or troubled place stagnates Where there is only One We see individual jigsaw pieces That can lock together, fall apart, Be lost, or broken too Whereas what we are Are varying wave forms That may run … Continue reading Poems: Ocean Waves

Colourful Tools To Uplift Your Spirits

Just as intellectual inquiry appeals at one time, simplicity appeals at another. Also, transformation now seems easier and faster than it has ever been before. Art, the use of color, poetry, movement, and music can be particularly helpful, therapeutic and uplifting. These also provide many ways in which we can create simple anchors, that serve as catalysts … Continue reading Colourful Tools To Uplift Your Spirits

Without Apology

Someone dear to me is accustomed to saying ‘Haq banta hai’ (I have the right), whenever he requests anything that could be considered an imposition. Even though I often suffered from the story of ‘I am often and easily taken advantage of’ in the past, his saying this never triggered any resistance in me. However, … Continue reading Without Apology