Reading Between the Lines

I have devoured books from an early age. However, there has been a significantly different quality to the reading experience in recent times. I may not be able to express it in so many words, but I feel I must make the attempt. Time seems to slow down.  The gaps between the words seem more … Continue reading Reading Between the Lines

Everyday Revelations

If you think Facebook is a waste of time, think again.  Your engagement with any environment is determined by the level of consciousness that you bring to it.  My news feed has been carefully pruned to display posts of a nature that interest me and I believe are supportive to evolution and growth. In my … Continue reading Everyday Revelations

The time to say Thank You is now

Are there people who have shaped your fundamental beliefs, comforted you in times of pain, given you hope when there was none and yet, you have never met them, spoken to them or directly heard from them?  I have many such influential people in my life and most of them are the authors of cherished … Continue reading The time to say Thank You is now

Anything of true value only multiplies with sharing…

This note was first published on FB on Aug 18, 2010.  Since then, I am happy to report that my practice of letting go of what I love, and also those I love,  has only deepened.  I have found that non-attachment (as against detachment) deepens love and brings a great lightness to the heart. Just … Continue reading Anything of true value only multiplies with sharing…