Why I am wary of seeking ‘instant manifestation’.

"A time there is to plant, And sow; another time to pluck and reap." ~ Ecclesiastes 3:2 In a world that desperately seeks instant gratification, patience is a difficult word to digest.  From so many directions, we are bombarded with ideas of 'intention' and 'manifestation', that few of us pause to consider the appropriateness of our … Continue reading Why I am wary of seeking ‘instant manifestation’.

Poems: A Play of Light

I sketched an outline of the world I dreamed And invited light to bring it to life It poured in fluid, generous and colourful, Spilling over, blurring the lines. I was taken aback as before my eyes All the boundaries melted away And though this was not what I had wanted, It was better in … Continue reading Poems: A Play of Light

Really Short Stories: Saving Grace

“But he has completed his work!” Pacing around with her cellphone stuck to her ear, Shalini was exhausted.  She weakly concluded the call. “There is nothing more I can say.  Your conscience will speak up some day.  God help you to live with your self.” Neha rushed up to hug her.  Mother and daughter quietly … Continue reading Really Short Stories: Saving Grace

Breathe in Pain, Breathe out Joy

A friend was struggling with helping her sister overcome her problems and sorrows. She said that she could see that all the problems were ‘stories’ in her sister’s mind, but she was unable to help her sister see this. The situation was proving stressful and frustrating for my friend. This sparked a conversation on Tonglen and it prompted some insights that I would like to share here.

Light House

I find the 'Light House' to be a versatile metaphor.  Today,  I feel able to share a personal anecdote about how it's symbolism grew in significance for me. Six years ago, I was consoling my sister. Sameer had just passed away and the amazing and loving person that he was, he left many of us … Continue reading Light House