“I must be happy. All the time.” – Is That True?

This post may disturb those inclined towards compulsive positive thinking.  But it is likely to provide much needed relief to those who feel stretched and pressured by this kind of an expectation.  For myself, I have found that calling a spade a spade (and a rose a rose!) brings immense ease.  So much of our … Continue reading “I must be happy. All the time.” – Is That True?

9 Clearing Statements To Address The Fear Of Uncertainty

How much more energy would become available to you if you were to become comfortable with not knowing?   How much more ease and flow would be yours if you could navigate times of uncertainty with patience and grace? Most of us have a deep desire for control. Deliberately, or otherwise, we attempt to anticipate … Continue reading 9 Clearing Statements To Address The Fear Of Uncertainty

A Powerful Centering Tool

“All the ways in which you are choosing Shallow over Meaningful Pretence over Authenticity Conformity over Creativity Habit over Presence Denial over Awareness Repression over Expression Approval over Self-acceptance Incompletion over Wholeness Fear over Love Past over Present Fantasy over Reality Stagnation over Change Familiarity over Flow Resignation over Acceptance Seeking over Remembering Procrastinating over … Continue reading A Powerful Centering Tool

4th Blog Anniversary – List of Select Posts

The intent of this blog, my books and FB posts is to give back.  Like everyone else, I have had my fair share of tough patches.  While I have been fortunate to have family and friends support me through such times, there are a vast number of people out there who remain anonymous.  Anonymous not … Continue reading 4th Blog Anniversary – List of Select Posts

9 Tips To Reinventing Yourself

All around me, I see family, friends and clients re-examining their lives and looking for ways to implement a dramatic change.  As individuals grow in self awareness and clarity, there is a deep desire to embody a more authentic way of being.  A life that honours a freer, transparent way, our innate talents and longings, … Continue reading 9 Tips To Reinventing Yourself

Missing Something That’s Right Under Your Nose?

Lighting a lamp and an incense stick at dusk is a ritual practised in many Indian households.  Pune is no exception.  As I walked along the garden track in yesterday's dimming light, a strong fragrance of Nag Champa wafted my way.  More used to paying attention to the earthy smell of the ground and leaves, … Continue reading Missing Something That’s Right Under Your Nose?

11 Ways to Address Helplessness

I stopped reading newspapers in the morning several years back.  Instead of starting the day feeling overwhelmed, depressed and helpless, I felt it was better to have a quiet, meditative time that was centering and brought in my own contribution of peace to the world. Stephen Covey's model of how we need to focus our … Continue reading 11 Ways to Address Helplessness