Embracing Change (EFT Script)

One of my readers wrote in requesting for an EFT script to cope with change.  So before I share the script I wrote in response to that request, I felt it relevant to share one my recent poems from FB here: Sometimes we pretend to ourselves That we are waiting for someone or something That … Continue reading Embracing Change (EFT Script)

Resigning From Playing Villain (with an EFT script)

Our relationships tend to fall into repetitive patterns. If you are unhappy or frustrated with any particular relationship, you may want to examine the habitual dynamics of it so that you can bring about a change with this awareness.  In Rules of Engagement - And Breaking Them I have shared about these patterns and control … Continue reading Resigning From Playing Villain (with an EFT script)

All The Time In The World

How often have you felt that you are running out of time?  That you have to leave the business on hand incomplete, heartfelt words unsaid and fulfilling tasks undone, because you need to rush off elsewhere in an attempt to experience or accomplish something else?  Most of us are accustomed to goal oriented thinking. We … Continue reading All The Time In The World

An EFT Script for Women

"Superwoman - Would you be willing to hang up your cape?" outlines some of the more common challenges that the modern woman faces.  I suggest some Access Consciousness tools in that post, and Aditi Surti was kind enough to add in some more on the same subject. While awareness in itself can prove a decisive … Continue reading An EFT Script for Women