Spiritual and Energy Tools To Help With De-Addiction.

In the recent weeks, I received several queries around addiction and hence decided to share some energetic clearings here. I felt that it was necessary to include some introductory material. But in doing that, the post has grown more inclusive than originally planned and also includes links to more related articles. For those who go through … Continue reading Spiritual and Energy Tools To Help With De-Addiction.

Tools for Empaths

The requests for guidance with managing waves of emotions and sometimes inexplicable overwhelm have been rising in recent times.  Energetically sensitive people feel affected by the collective energies and with all the calamities and changes in the collective and at individual levels, there is often turbulence in the air.  I have been sharing these tips … Continue reading Tools for Empaths

Walking the Talk

How does one respond to the frequent headlines of violence and mayhem across the world?  While most would respond with anger, frustration, fear and other similar impotent emotions, there are others who may be righteous, or equally violent, albeit in different ways. For those of us with an interest for looking deeper and taking responsibility … Continue reading Walking the Talk

Key Lies in Seeing The Root of Things

Based upon case experience, I am suggesting below a model of inquiry that may help you realize and release core limiting beliefs about yourself. Consider this: As a child you were promised an outing by your cousin. But at the last minute you were told it is cancelled.  You feel let down and disappointed, sorry … Continue reading Key Lies in Seeing The Root of Things

Poems: Bring Down the Walls

Charan Surdhar was inspired to render my poem "Bring Down the Walls"  as a video.  The voice and animation are both hers. The full text is given below the youtube link. http://youtu.be/5S8W76SL8n0 I had a faint memory Of having a heart Like a blossoming rosebud Opening slowly, gentler everyday But before I knew what had … Continue reading Poems: Bring Down the Walls