“What’s good and new?”

A friend of mine introduced me to this question some years back.  Six of us had decided to meet regularly with the objective of supporting each other’s personal growth and evolution.  We frequently began each meeting with this question.  Each one would share a brief update on what had been happening in his or her … Continue reading “What’s good and new?”

Its a Brand New Day!

  With every breath we actually recreate our experience of the world.  But to be genuinely open to all possible miraculous happenings, we need to leave behind any conscious or sub-conscious fears and beliefs that history can only repeat itself. Yes, history does repeat itself.  The past will continue to haunt you in new ways … Continue reading Its a Brand New Day!

Really Short Stories: Haunting Memories

Entering the house, she looked at the blank wall and exclaimed in frustration, ‘Its still not here!’ Her roommate ambled out in a deliberate show of patience and replied, ‘The courier promised it by tonight.’ ‘I have been waiting so long!  I should have bought that painting three years back.  It has haunted me since … Continue reading Really Short Stories: Haunting Memories

How to refresh your self in just 2 minutes…

I found a simple, quick and effective way to relax and refresh myself.  So I thought I would share it with you all... . Tired eyes, a heavy head and fatigue are all relieved by the following: Switch off lights if possible. Sit or lie down comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply, imagining … Continue reading How to refresh your self in just 2 minutes…