Poems: There is Nothing to Fear

  No matter who is around you, or notNo matter what you have, or don’tNo matter what you have lost, or foundYou are never alone. Through the long nights,And even more trying daysThe sunlight warms the heart,The moonlight shows the way. Earth holds you steadily,Even as the world seems to sway:Draw a refreshing breath of … Continue reading Poems: There is Nothing to Fear

At peace, here and now.

Not all stories have a neat ending. Not all the loose ends are satisfactorily tied up and a happy conclusion reached. But nevertheless, there are lessons to be learned and moments to be celebrated in the thick midst of the chaotic, often unpredictable events of life. During my many hours outside the dialysis unit of … Continue reading At peace, here and now.

Really Short Stories: Answered Prayers

“I always knew it.  This has confirmed what I have felt all along.  My son is special.  He is here for a reason.  God will not let him leave his work incomplete.”  The elegantly dressed lady epitomized poise and courage. I listened in silence.  There is little one can say in such a situation.  Her … Continue reading Really Short Stories: Answered Prayers

Really Short Stories: Saving Grace

“But he has completed his work!” Pacing around with her cellphone stuck to her ear, Shalini was exhausted.  She weakly concluded the call. “There is nothing more I can say.  Your conscience will speak up some day.  God help you to live with your self.” Neha rushed up to hug her.  Mother and daughter quietly … Continue reading Really Short Stories: Saving Grace