Why I am wary of seeking ‘instant manifestation’.

"A time there is to plant, And sow; another time to pluck and reap." ~ Ecclesiastes 3:2 In a world that desperately seeks instant gratification, patience is a difficult word to digest.  From so many directions, we are bombarded with ideas of 'intention' and 'manifestation', that few of us pause to consider the appropriateness of our … Continue reading Why I am wary of seeking ‘instant manifestation’.

Lifelines – and why we cut them off.

Three questions: First Question: Are you aware of what nourishes you? It may be soaking in warm silence with a loved one. Or laughing for no reason with a child. Perhaps honoring a calling like painting, or singing, writing or creating in some manner. Maybe its simply walking on the beach or watching a sunset. Or seeing a … Continue reading Lifelines – and why we cut them off.

Key Lies in Seeing The Root of Things

Based upon case experience, I am suggesting below a model of inquiry that may help you realize and release core limiting beliefs about yourself. Consider this: As a child you were promised an outing by your cousin. But at the last minute you were told it is cancelled.  You feel let down and disappointed, sorry … Continue reading Key Lies in Seeing The Root of Things

Winning Strategies to Loss Accumulators

Right from an early age, we all find ways and means to cope with the challenges that life brings our way.  Knowingly or unknowingly, we experiment with different responses until we find what seems to work for us.  So a child seeking his parent's attention may learn that throwing a tantrum often obtains the desired … Continue reading Winning Strategies to Loss Accumulators

Skeptics, Mystics & New Ways Forward…

I have learned not to dismiss things I do not understand.  I laughed when I first heard of Reiki and remote healing.  Until my back was against the wall and I was willing to try anything that did not threaten to worsen the existing situation.  Ever since, a more mature, open minded approach has brought … Continue reading Skeptics, Mystics & New Ways Forward…

Its a Brand New Day!

  With every breath we actually recreate our experience of the world.  But to be genuinely open to all possible miraculous happenings, we need to leave behind any conscious or sub-conscious fears and beliefs that history can only repeat itself. Yes, history does repeat itself.  The past will continue to haunt you in new ways … Continue reading Its a Brand New Day!

A Stitch in Time

In ‘The Future of Competition’, authors C.K. Prahalad and Venkat Ramaswamy proposed that value will be increasingly co-created by the firm and the customer, rather than being created entirely inside the firm.  A chapter in ‘Spontaneous Evolution’ by Bruce Lipton presents a strong case for how Collaboration and not Competition is the way forward.  C.K. … Continue reading A Stitch in Time

Power of Caring

I believe people care.  Despite the commonly prevalent apathy and disclaiming of responsibility, there is genuine concern.  We care about the planet, we care about community and we do care for other people.  We often care so much - that we would rather turn away and pretend that nothing matters. The belief - ‘I cannot … Continue reading Power of Caring

Return to Love

First Published on Facebook - on Friday, March 5, 2010 Inspirational anecdotes are generally motivational and encouraging. And every once in a while, you will actually encounter the real everyday heroes and their authenticity leaves you spellbound. Each one of us contributes to the world as we know it. Some of us are more conscious … Continue reading Return to Love