An EFT Script for Women

"Superwoman - Would you be willing to hang up your cape?" outlines some of the more common challenges that the modern woman faces.  I suggest some Access Consciousness tools in that post, and Aditi Surti was kind enough to add in some more on the same subject. While awareness in itself can prove a decisive … Continue reading An EFT Script for Women

Walking the Talk

How does one respond to the frequent headlines of violence and mayhem across the world?  While most would respond with anger, frustration, fear and other similar impotent emotions, there are others who may be righteous, or equally violent, albeit in different ways. For those of us with an interest for looking deeper and taking responsibility … Continue reading Walking the Talk

Writing – Why Bother?

As I eagerly await the cover design for my fifth book from my publisher, I am reminded of my first  book and the gumption it took to get it out there. "It's Your Life - A Practical Handbook for Chronic Ailments" was written from my firsthand experience as a primary caregiver for different members of … Continue reading Writing – Why Bother?