Poems: When We Remember

When we remember That death could be round the corner Conflicts fade away. Love becomes more important. Forgiveness and apology Come easier and are more urgent, The chaff quickly separates from the grain. When we remember That life could yet be long Whatever is ongoing may extend Then our backbone straightens Our silence learns to … Continue reading Poems: When We Remember

‘Life Amusement Theme Park’: Travel Information.

Welcome! Essential supplies- Include a sense of humor, tissues and eyeglass cleaners. Know that it is impossible to cover all of this vast and diverse terrain in a single trip. The landscape is changing all the time.  Your choices and actions also contribute to this change. Routinely consult a map to understand your current position and … Continue reading ‘Life Amusement Theme Park’: Travel Information.

Really Short Stories: ‘The River Sings. Listen.’

Verdant green forests, craggy white mountains, gurgling rivers and roaring seas.  Who would not be tempted to explore these?  He set out with empty hands and a heart filled with wonder at what lay before him. Every step a sacred communion.  Every breath in - one of joy.  Every breath out - a reverent sigh. … Continue reading Really Short Stories: ‘The River Sings. Listen.’

Lessons From Shaping Clay

Noticing a sign announcing a pottery class, my friend and I impulsively stopped our bike and inquired if we could have a class right away.  With only a few hours left before we headed back to our city, we could not have imagined how easily this opportunity had presented itself.  She an artist and me … Continue reading Lessons From Shaping Clay

Really Short Stories: A Clean Sweep

She swept her garden clean, wiping the sweat off her brow. It was hard work, maintaining this place.  Rising before daylight, diligently raking fallen leaves from the ground. When she was done, the courtyard was a pristine clean. Visitors would pause, untold, at the doorway.  Hesitant to drag in mud with their shoes.  One quick … Continue reading Really Short Stories: A Clean Sweep

What Would You Do If You Found Frogs On Your Wall?

If you are an urban dweller with little exposure to the wilderness, most likely you will jump out of your own skin.  In fact, I suspect many readers won't be able to make it past this headline. Seeing a large, orange frog clinging to the walls is disorienting to say the least. The protected species … Continue reading What Would You Do If You Found Frogs On Your Wall?

What If Acknowledging Death Makes One Come Alive?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d27gTrPPAyk Isn't it interesting how we avoid talking about someone's impending death when they are alive, and then feel even more uncomfortable or emotional mentioning them once they are dead? The fundamental, incontrovertible fact of death is one we have pushed into the closet, neither discussing it enough, nor embracing it enough.  Ironically, in it's … Continue reading What If Acknowledging Death Makes One Come Alive?