Poems: Light And Shadows

We blink in and out of existence Ephemeral and unreal. How one shows up can change Every moment, fresh and malleable.   Like the dance of shadows Cast by playful fingers  Filtering clear sight Becoming a rabbit, or eagle Just as easily. With each breath We decide.   Whether to be trapped As a singular … Continue reading Poems: Light And Shadows

Busy as a Bee?

Ever noticed the subtle, secret satisfaction derived in complaining, "I am just too busy to do that right now!"? Here, 'that' can refer to anything from having fun, taking care of your self, spending quality time with loved ones, learning anything new ... or just about anything under the sun.  We get locked into patterns … Continue reading Busy as a Bee?

Poems: This too shall pass

There will be moments when it seems hopeless Exhaustion has seeped in to the core You have done all that you think you could, And then also some more. There is no rock bottom, Falling through a never ending hell, Light seems a distant dream, You are too demoralized to care. Right when it seems … Continue reading Poems: This too shall pass

Poems: A Play of Light

I sketched an outline of the world I dreamed And invited light to bring it to life It poured in fluid, generous and colourful, Spilling over, blurring the lines. I was taken aback as before my eyes All the boundaries melted away And though this was not what I had wanted, It was better in … Continue reading Poems: A Play of Light

Inner Landscapes

An inner landscape artist.  Is there such a term?  Because I get flummoxed when I have to describe what I do.  Author, facilitator, life coach, healer – these are some of the terms I use lightly.  To try and keep it brief.  But the truth is that I do little other than tending to my … Continue reading Inner Landscapes

The Pause Diet – for Joy and Peace

The Pause Diet is elegantly simple.   Not only is it highly relevant to mindful eating, but its use can easily be extended to bring checks and balances into other areas of our life. In our hectic, distracted routine, food is often given extreme treatment.  That is, we either over-indulge or pay scant attention to what … Continue reading The Pause Diet – for Joy and Peace

How to refresh your self in just 2 minutes…

I found a simple, quick and effective way to relax and refresh myself.  So I thought I would share it with you all... . Tired eyes, a heavy head and fatigue are all relieved by the following: Switch off lights if possible. Sit or lie down comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply, imagining … Continue reading How to refresh your self in just 2 minutes…