Go Slowly, Reach Early.

In one of my Tai Chi classes, Sifu George kept reminding us all to slow down. He said that if you are going slow enough you will catch your errors and take remedial action before you commit them. Sure enough, I could easily see that the slower I go, the more attentive I become. The … Continue reading Go Slowly, Reach Early.

Poems: Restoration Of Peace

Sometimes, Even the land and waters forget, As do the trees. Soak them in enough blood Violate mercilessly, Leaving no time to mend, to heal... Do it long enough And you can confuse them. (Though even then, Far less than us Deranged they be.) Nevertheless, Not themselves for sure. Ragged, disconnected, incomplete. Buying into our … Continue reading Poems: Restoration Of Peace

Raising Your Vibe

In Colourful Tools To Uplift Your Spirits, I shared suggestions on how to design and use visual cues in a way that can quickly and easily help elevate one's mood.  This is another offering to add to that collection. You can use this image as a screensaver, wallpaper or poster.  You may get specific insights … Continue reading Raising Your Vibe

Poems: 108 Words

Welcoming all there is The turbulence, the churning The turning upside down Inside out Of what 'I' thought as ‘you’ Drawing it all Into the One embrace That finally dissolves All ideas of two That restful place Where the highest crests And the lowest troughs Return The steady, quiet, potent space From which once again … Continue reading Poems: 108 Words

A Powerful Centering Tool

“All the ways in which you are choosing Shallow over Meaningful Pretence over Authenticity Conformity over Creativity Habit over Presence Denial over Awareness Repression over Expression Approval over Self-acceptance Incompletion over Wholeness Fear over Love Past over Present Fantasy over Reality Stagnation over Change Familiarity over Flow Resignation over Acceptance Seeking over Remembering Procrastinating over … Continue reading A Powerful Centering Tool

A 5 Minute Exercise To Reclaim Peace

Healing is a return to wholeness, an experiential understanding of our expansive nature.  To become one with this present moment, without any resistance, can be a deeply restorative process. Here is a simple, effective and powerful energy exercise that can bring you immense peace and lightness in less than a couple of minutes.  Do keep … Continue reading A 5 Minute Exercise To Reclaim Peace

Lessons From Shaping Clay

Noticing a sign announcing a pottery class, my friend and I impulsively stopped our bike and inquired if we could have a class right away.  With only a few hours left before we headed back to our city, we could not have imagined how easily this opportunity had presented itself.  She an artist and me … Continue reading Lessons From Shaping Clay

11 Ways to Address Helplessness

I stopped reading newspapers in the morning several years back.  Instead of starting the day feeling overwhelmed, depressed and helpless, I felt it was better to have a quiet, meditative time that was centering and brought in my own contribution of peace to the world. Stephen Covey's model of how we need to focus our … Continue reading 11 Ways to Address Helplessness

Contemplating the Stars

What can be better than the cool breeze on a summer night under the starry skies?  Dazzled by the city lights, we urban dwellers forget to look up.  If you don't have a park nearby, go to your building terrace.  And instead of looking down at the city.  Look up. The view may not be … Continue reading Contemplating the Stars